We created this blog to help women achieve a fun and do-it-yourself lifestyle through posts about furnishing, fashion, and female empowerment.  We also wanted to foster a positive community where women can come together to inspire, uplift, and celebrate one another.  No mean girls allowed here!




We are two best friends/soulmates, who found each other at work and bonded over our love of living joyfully and positively.  June is a freelance costume designer and Connie is a script supervisor.  While on set we joked around about our love for cats, crafting, holidays, and the joy of making costumes and a friendship quickly began.  We had so much in common... from general life philosophy to very, very specific things.  For instance, we both wrote book reports about Karen Carpenter in grade school because we share a deep love for that amazingly talented woman.  We broke out into "Close to You" when we discovered that one.  We were also part of a step team.  We have yet to make a routine, but we're positive that's not far off into the future.   I mean... not everyone can say that, right?  However, it wasn't until we discovered that we also  lived within walking distance of each other that the eerily similar things started becoming something more like fate.  From that first visit forward, seeing each other and being creative together became a weekly ritual and we realized that our time together was not just incredibly fun, but also very meaningful.  Our creative moments together is what made us start this blog!  We thought that if this was helping us feel uplifted, perhaps by sharing it we could help others be inspired as well.  And because we have so many amazingly talented women in our lives, we wanted to share their talents too.





Connie Ward:

I am not a professional interior designer.  I have not gone to school for it, but I do have a love for it that stems from both of my parents.  My dad is an architect/designer and my mama naturally had a keen eye for decorating and design.  She knew how to take a little budget and not only stretch it to look like more, but also how to use it to make a cozy and inviting home.  My spare time was always spent looking at interior design blogs.  It IS my therapy.  I decided to put all I've learned from my upbringing and my "therapy" to hopefully give you fun and inspiring ideas here on Soma & Ulte that you can implement in your own life.  On a more serious note, I love dancing to 80's tunes, especially Jessie's Girl, I get cold if the temperature is anything lower than 70, and I own more swimsuits than a Victoria Secret's catalogue.

June Suepunpuck:

For the past 10 years I've been costume designing and styling for commercials and film and I'm lucky enough to say that I LOVE MY JOB!  I love it not only because I get to tell a story through the clothes and create interesting characters, but I also get a chance to make people feel more confident in their skin. Over the years I've worked with so many body types and I'm hoping that the knowledge I've acquired over the years will be able to help women of all kinds.  I'm definitely not a fashion designer... a title I think a few people might think is synonymous to my job, so don't come to me expecting I will be creating the latest million dollar look or sporting the highest end brands.  What my job entails, usually, is to make a 100 dollars feel like a 1000 and to, ultimately, make a person come to life (be it real or fictional).  So here's hoping I can continue to do that by sharing what I know!  In other news, I prefer to wear pajamas over anything else, I'm first generation Thai so food impacts all of the decisions I make throughout my day, and my D&D name is Phoenix Buttercup.

Our first Christmas together, we exchanged gifts and laughed so hard at the outcome.  We joked around all the time about how we were meant to be friends for life and we each got each other shirts that say 'soulmate' on them.  June's gift was two tank tops with half a broken heart symbol on each.  Connie's tank had the word SOMA and June's had the word ULTE.  When worn side by side the the tank tops formed a whole heart that says the word 'soulmate.'  Thus, was born the company name and our new founder's jackets!