A Simple Succulents Vignette

October 1, 2016




I think its safe to say house plants are having a serious moment right now. You can’t look at a picture of a perfectly stylized room on someone’s instagram these days without seeing them. And for good reason, they’re inexpensive and add much needed life to any room.




One of the most popular choices for houseplants is the succulent, which makes perfect sense. They’re about as low maintenance as they come and being that we live in Los Angeles and are currently in the midst of a very serious drought we are all about #droughtfriendly plants. And bonus, houseplants have been proven to improve the air quality of your home!




It’s so simple to make a special vignette by pairing a group of succulents together on a couple stools or a side table. Throw in a favorite little piece of art (or make your own like our super talented June!!) and there you have it! Put this combo on a console table in your entry way, on a credenza next to a pile of your favorite books, or on a side table next to the couch. You really can’t go wrong here!





Soma & Ulte

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