Masculine Meets Feminine

October 8, 2016




We believe that there is a duality to everyone. A Masculinity and a femininity. A bright and cheery side and a dark and moody side. A sweet tooth and a savory tooth. So it makes sense that plays a part in your decorating as well.



Here we’ve created a living room that is both masculine and feminine. The leather couch and the mostly neutral colors make for a more masculine base while the textures of the Moroccan throw give it a bit of softness. The key to achieving a look like this is all about balance. You want all the pieces to blend together seamlessly.



What’s great about this approach is you can use whatever you already have; you don’t have to go out and buy a leather couch. If you have a gray or navy couch, just throw in some softer color throw pillows and blankets made of velvet or faux fur; or brighter colors. If you have a white or pink couch (lucky you by the way!) consider using darker accent colors with natural wood or leather and classic cotton.  We’ve listed all these specific items below and where you can find them. But this is meant to be versatile so you can use what you have!



Soma & Ulte



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