The Beauty of Nude Colored Makeup

October 8, 2016


We are all about embracing natural beauty here at Soma & Ulte, but we also looove playing with makeup.  Truth be told, Connie and I aren’t amazing at applying it, but we happily try to learn.  Lately we’ve noticed that the nude color palette is very trendy right now- from clothes to accessories… and makeup is no exception!  Since we personally don’t know what the heck we’re doing in this department, I spoke to our dear friend, Ada Trinh, for her expert advise. She’s not only a celebrity makeup artist, but she is also the CEO and founder of a men’s organic skin care line called GUISE ETIQUETTE. What’s amazing is that it’s not just for men because women can use it too. Ada did my makeup and also gave me tips on how to play up your natural beauty and what techniques she uses to do Nude makeup the best way for you!


SKINCARE.  It all starts with having a clean palette to work from!  Ada gave me Guise Etiquette bottle No 1 to wash my face of all the dirt and grime.  It wasn’t drying on my skin and it’s made with fresh cucumber and mint so it smells super yummy.  Then I used the No 2 toner to even out my skin and finished off with the No 3 oil free moisturizer to balance out my PH and to use (surprisingly!) as a face primer.  What???  I love knowing that this product is not only multipurpose and organic, but that it also works for me and my boyfriend.


WHICH NUDE TO CHOOSE.  There are so many different types of nude colors and since everyone’s skin color is different you’ll want to pick the appropriate color that suits you.  Ada’s big tip is standing in front of a white wall and looking at the skin around your collar bone.  What undertone do you have… are you more yellow?  Are you more red or pink?  Are you olive skinned?  Whatever you may be will dictate what colors you choose.  For me, I am more yellow/olive so she suggested colors like copper, bronze, and rose gold for darker skinned ladies.  For lighter skin, she said you can get away with shades like mauve, tan, and chestnut.



FOUNDATION.  Foundation is definitely optional.  For my makeup Ada decided to use Sheer Coverage Burberry #7, which is a light tinted moisturizer.  She says that it is important to pick a foundation that is appropriate for your skin type.  When it comes to a nude palette Ada prefers to go totally nude on the face… no foundation at all!  She says that it’s actually not necessary for every day wear, but is preferred at night or when you know you’re taking pictures.  Foundation will help to even out the colors in your skin.




CONCEALERS AND HIGHLIGHTERS.  If you’re like me and do not have an hour to do contouring and just hate having a ton of makeup on, there are these amazing sticks Ada told me about from ColourPop.  The ILLUMINATI stix is a soft yellow butter cream color and helps to highlight certain areas of my face to give it a glow.  She used it on my eyelid and under the eyebrow to brighten up my eyes.  Then she used it on the center of my nose and forehead.  You can buy it online at the ColourPop site here for only $5!  Then Ada used the BLOOM stix for the areas she put on bronzer:  under the cheeks, around the forehead, and on the sides of the nose bridge.  This is to give the face depth.  You can buy buy BLOOM.





EYESHADOW, EYEBROW, & LASHES.  For my skin tone Ada used a peachy eyeshadow which has more orange than pink.  A pink nude would wash my face out, where a more orange nude gives my features depth.  Because my lid is also small (oh the Asianess)  she didn’t use a ton of eyeshadow.  When it comes to doing nude makeup you can go big and bold or you can go more natural.  Here, we tried to go for something that disappears a bit so that the wingtip eyeline and my eyelashes pop.  Normally I would never wear fake eyelashes, but after seeing how much bigger they make my eyes look I’m starting to reconsider.  Gotta say, though, that the idea of sticking glue and putting on those individual lashes like she did seems like A LOT of work. But if you have the patience to do it I can definitely see the benefits. As for my eyebrows she used the Burberry #3 pencil.



 LIPS.  What Ada said is that as a makeup artist you’re like a painter.  To find the the perfect blend for someone’s skin type is very difficult to find “off the shelves.”  A lot of times she has to mix a few colors.  For my lips she took 3 different colors and came up with a nude lip that seemed to flawlessly blend into the rest of my skin and STILL stand out.  How does this make any sense?  Ada explained that for the natural look I’m going for it was best to use colors that balances out the shades of my lip. Because my lips are already very pink, she said she used a coral/peach color to tone that down. Again, because we are going for a natural beauty style, we opted for a color far more moderate. So remember if you’re at a store and try on a million nude colored lipsticks and nothing seems to work… do not be discouraged! It may mean you have to experiment a little, and what a better/free way then killing some time at your local Sephora :).



Overall this experience made me really think about the standards of beauty and how much TIME it takes to even look “natural.”  I sometimes get caught up looking at magazines or see celebrities on social media and think WOW…. they look so amazing! Their skin is perfect! I wish I looked like that! But even the most natural-looking faces could possibly be caked with tons of makeup. We just don’t know. All I know is that this definitely took a lot of time/effort and if you’re lazy like me you may just have to opt for the usual blank canvas. Either way, it felt great to be glammed up for a change and Connie and I are huge advocates of doing what makes YOU feel good.Thanks, Ada, for giving me a Beyonce moment. Love you :)





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