Soft and Cozy Bedroom

October 13, 2016

Your bedroom is the place that’s supposed to relax you, help you unwind and be a sanctuary to dive into a soft and cozy bed at the end of the day. One of the quickest ways to portray that is through color. And mustard is the perfect warm fall color to do that. The key to accenting with one main color is mixing textures and knowing complementary colors to throw in.

We started with a very neutral bedroom, I already have white walls and my headboard is an easy neutral to work with. We found all these pillows at target and bed bath and beyond as well as the throw. But they all have different textures, which is what keeps it from looking flat. They’re also all different shades of mustard yellow, which has the same effect.

You also want to throw in other colors so it doesn’t look like you just spilled mustard yellow all over the room and called it a day. A houseplant is always a great go-to no matter what color or look you’re going for. In this room we chose a very light green cactus in a terracotta pot. We also used shades of brown and creams, again in all different textures. We used a simple wooden slat bench at the end of the bed covered with a lambs fur. We used the brown again with the globe table lamp from World Market and the wooden phone stand. The creams come in with the use of the hats on the wall. These were also used to help balance the off centered wall sconce (aka the bane of my existence). If you’re in a rental and can’t remove fixed items or change wall colors on a whim you have to learn how to work with what ya got.

Other colors to try with mustard are navy blue, a rich deep green, light and dark gray, and even a very light blush pink. Just remember to have fun with it!


Soma & Ulte


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