Decorating With Pumpkins

October 17, 2016

Round here we love the classics, the traditional ways of decorating for the holiday and the jack-o’-lantern is no exception. But sometimes you just wanna try something a little different. Here we’ve come up with a few different ways of decorating with pumpkins including some no carve options.


The first option is a super simple, no carve idea. Just use a paint pen to create any design you like.

Here June is starting work on her adorable kitten design and my herringbone pumpkin is sitting on the table. I’ll explain in a minute the other mini pumpkin I’m working on in this picture.

See! Told ya the kitties were cute!


Now for another option. The other mini white pumpkin is going to be used for potpourri!

For this all you need to do is carve out the insides of the pumpkin (much easier with the minis!). We drilled holes in the pumpkin to let the light out but you can of course carve any shapes you like.

Then sprinkle the tops of the pumpkins with cinnamon and nutmeg (you can also use the “pumpkin spice” flavoring). And that’s it! Light those bad boys up and enjoy!!

The next one does require carving but it’s much easier than creating intricate designs with a giant carving knife! For these, carve out the inside and then go to town with the drill!!

The best thing about this one is there is no limit to the designs you can create! Make diagonal lines, spirals, even make a lace design!

We hope these get y’all inspired to go to the pumpkin patch and start all your own designs!!


Soma & Ulte


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