The Bomber Jacket Crazy

October 18, 2016

There is a major bomber jacket craze this season and I just can’t seem to get away from it!  Every time I run into a store or when I’m prepping a job or even when I take a friend out shopping (Connie is no exception), there seems to be this LOVE for this silhouette.

I kind of laugh because this fashion trend is something that I have very fond memories of as a child since my dad sported one regularly in the 80s!  His was sage green with an bright orange lining on the inside.  Little did I know as a child, this was actually based on a jacket made specifically for military pilots… and the concept of the bomber jacket has been around since the 1940s.  And as an adult studying the origin of clothes, I found out that the same flashy orange lining from my dad’s jacket was actually meant to enhance visibility in case the pilot needed to be rescued from a plane crash!!  WHO KNEW.  Either way, it is always nice to take a step back and remember that there is a story to everything and for every fashion “moment” there is a point of origin.  You can actually read more about A Brief history of the Bomber Jacket at

And, of course, since it is in trend this fall we decided that our OOTD would feature the modern day bomber jacket.  Out of all of the options, we fell in love with this color because it screams autumn and it’s our perfect way to start celebrating the Halloween season without literally wearing a tshirt with a pumpkin on it (not that we don’t also do that HA!).

For this look we decided to put Connie in a gray cashmere sweater underneath for warmth.  This particular satin jacket has no lining so it is meant for the milder days back east or just regular ol’ “fall time” in Los Angeles.  For those of you purchasing a thicker jacket be aware that you’ll need to size up depending on how many layers you plan on placing under it.

To accessorize, we went for a simple gold necklace, gold bracelet, and leather banded watch.  The jacket is such a statement piece it truly needs no competition.

Then we finished off the look with light blue skinny jeans and brown ankle boots.  Truly a simple, yet attention-grabbing outfit!



This satin bomber is sold out at Nordstrom Rack…here is a similar one here at Missguided on sale for $30.60!

Gray cashmere sweater is from Equipment at Nordstrom Rack…. here is a similar one from LL Bean for $99

Jeans are Rich and Skinny at Nordstrom Rack… here is a similar one from Levi’s on sale for $39.99

The Matisse Bess Western Booties can be found here for $59.94


And if you’re curious about the one my dad wore, below is the woman’s replica of the MA-1 flight jacket … orange lining and all   It’s currently sold here at Urban Outfitters for $135.


Happy shopping!

Soma & Ulte


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