A Vampire Ball: Bat Skirt DIY

October 25, 2016

Here at Soma & Ulte we LOVE creating Halloween decorations, and costumes are no exception.  This year, however, we are doing something different so that we can still embrace the fashionista inside.  This week’s OOTD is dedicated to the Bat Skirt DIY, which is not only perfect for those who don’t want to totally commit to wearing a costume, but is also extremely easy to create.



–Halloween Bat Cutouts (varying sizes) 

-4 sheets of White Felt Sticky Back Sheet


-Black Pen

-1 jar of silver glitter

-1 can of spray adhesive (extra strong is best)

-1 pack of Super Stick It! topstick tape

-plain black skirt (preferably regular cotton)

First you take your bats and trace each of them out onto the white felt sticky back paper.  Depending on the sizes of your bats and the width of your paper you may need to do the wing separate from the body.  I chose to do 5 bats (1 large, 2 medium, 1 small, 1 extra small).

Cut out each bat. Make sure to not disrupt the adhesive backing. Spray adhesive glue (extra strength) onto the felt side of your bat.

Now here’s my favorite part… GLITTER!!!!  Sprinkle the silver glitter all over the adhesive.  Make sure to coat it twice, but if you have bald spots do not worry!  This is why we chose white felt so that it is still a discrete color as an under layer.  If it shows it is no big deal.

Then you remove the adhesive backing and you can place your bats onto the skirt in whatever pattern you choose.  I chose to go from largest towards the bottom to smallest at the top.  If the sticky backing of the felt is too weak, go ahead and use mine (and every costume designer’s) secret weapon, the “Super Stick It!” topstick.  Seriously, we can’t live without it!

And there you have it… the easiest last minute costume DIY ever!

Add an interesting black top, a vintage hat with a veil, black heels and you’re ready for a Halloween/Vampire Ball!!


Soma & Ulte


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