Halloween Traditions

October 31, 2016

One of our favorite things to do in Los Angeles is ring in the holiday season at the Hollywood Bowl, and what better way than to watch a live performance of “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”. This was our second year of attending Danny Elfman: Halloween at the Hollywood Bowl and, like last year, we were not disappointed!  Although we’ve seen it before, we fell in love with the show ALL OVER AGAIN and it made us all mushy inside reminiscing about our last Halloween together.

This was us last year unsure of what to expect.  We partially dressed up as kitty cats… and in true Soma & Ulte fashion….

… we made it a point to match as much as possible.

This year, however, we decided to totally embrace the costumes, and thus, was born the Unicorn Princess and the Vintage Vamp(iress).  We saw how much fun everyone had decked out in full dress and we decided we could not miss out this time.  We also decided it was time to bring along our loving sidekicks/#1 supporters along for the ride…

Meet Jesse (aka Ned Plimpton from the Life Aquatic) … the rainbow to her Unicorn.

Meet Jace (aka The Emo Vampire Victim) … the Bella to her Edward.

At the show we got to see Danny Elfman (voice of “Jack”), Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman), Catherine O’Hara (voice of “Sally”), and our personal favorite… Ken Page (voice of the Oogie Boogie Man). It was so exhilarating singing along with our favorites and it’s almost surreal watching it as an adult and realizing this movie was such a joyful part of growing up.  The best part is that now we not only appreciate all the happiness it brings to our nostalgic selves, but also the little kids who have joined in on the fun!  Seriously heart-melting!!

We had a blast experiencing it together and now we consider it a Soma & Ulte tradition.  We honestly can’t wait to do it all over again next year!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and you’re dressed up right now at work.


Soma & Ulte


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