Sweater Dress For All Occasions

November 4, 2016

Every season there is the reincarnation of the sweater dress and it is no surprise why it is such a staple.  It not only keeps you warm during the dropping temperatures, but it is also an easy way to look gorgeous in very little time.



This specific Crewneck Sweater Dress can be found here at Banana Republic is regularly $138, but they have a sale going on right now and you can purchase it for $116.99!  We love it because it is soft, warm, well-fitted, and it comes in a gorgeous color, which they’ve called “Cranberry.”



For this OOTD we paired it with flat black thigh high boots for a comfortable, warm, and yet regal feel, but you can easily wear it with heels and completely dress it up.  Throw on a matching hat and you’ve got yourself a good “on the go” outfit.




Because the sweater dress is basically a blank canvas, you can really take it up a notch or dress it down very easily.  We purchased this St Germain Fringe Pendant with it to give the OOTD a more vintage/regal appeal.  You can also purchase it here at Banana Republic!

Let us know what your favorite sweater dress is!   We’d love to hear your thoughts!!


Soma & Ulte

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