Pom Pom Napkin DIY

November 7, 2016

One of my favorite kind of DIYs are the kind where you add to or enhance something that already exists. These napkins are the perfect example of that, they give these napkins I already owned that little something special. The little pom-poms are tiny but have huge impact. And so easy to change to your own taste, you can pick any color under the sun! With the holidays right around the corner I chose a combo of oxblood and cranberry. And I used napkins I already have but you could easily make your own with a special fabric you find and fully customize it!

For this DIY all you need are a set of napkins, some embroidery thread, and a fork!


To make the pom-poms…

Wrap the thread around the fork a bunch of times. The more times you wrap around the fork for fluffier your pom-pom will be

Then tie the two ends of your thread around the center in-between the two middle prongs and make a knot. Slide the thread off the fork and cut the loops on the sides of your thread


Then you’re going to sew the pom-poms on the corners of the napkins. If you don’t know how to sew DON’T WORRY! I don’t know how to sew properly either (I leave that to June  but all this requires is a simple single stitch.

That’s it! Fun, festive, and easy to make pom-pom napkins!


Have fun!



Soma & Ulte


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