The Embroidery Trend

November 16, 2016

If you haven’t noticed already, there was a huge trend in embroidery this past summer and it has now spilled into the fall season.  We saw them pop up on our denim jeans- around the pockets, down the thigh, or even on the bum- and now it’s invading all the stores and we’ve got zero complaints!  There is something so dramatic and romantic about embroidery work and we not only appreciate the fine detail, but we LOVE that each piece is unique. Every piece will be slightly different because it is often done by hand.  Thus embroidery is not just a way to decorate, but it is artwork all on its own, which takes so much careful thought and planning.  This usually translates into very expensive pieces, but with new technology, stores are able to do embroidery by machine for very cheap and we are able to afford what looks like masterful art!

For example, what we love about this EMBROIDERED FRILLED SLEEVE BLOUSE that we found at Zara is it has a beautiful design down the front and the back of the top.  The gorgeous embroidered flowers have a wide array of fall tones (mustard, navy, burgundy, taupe) without making it too busy to the eye.  They are very delicately placed against the grey canvas and allows for you to keep it simple…. no need for a necklace here.  With the slightly open back it also adds that extra touch of femininity and grace without giving away too much.  Also the bells sleeves can truly make you feel like a modern day princess.  On top of it all, it is only $39.90!

As an accent piece to the top, we also found this beautiful PENCIL SKIRT from Zara in this brick color.  It not only attracts attention all on its own, but in this case it makes the flowers pop.  The beauty of these two pieces is that you can actually mix and match so they appear to be entirely different styles.  You can wear the top untucked with a pair of jeans or wear the skirt with a cropped tshirt and both can be far more casual options.  The opportunities are seriously endless, folks.

We also found these amazing JASMINE HEELED SANDAL from Banana Republic to finish the OOTD.  It comes in a variety of colors and the leather is incredibly soft.  They are surprisingly comfy despite the stiletto heel.  Again, beware of newborn baby giraffe legs for those who aren’t as trained in heels (ehem me).

Overall, this OOTD is the perfect getaway from your usual workwear or it can be a unique choice for a friendsgiving dinner.


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