Date Night and Doggies

December 3, 2016

For this OOTD we wanted to celebrate all the wonders of Date Night!  Both Connie and I have been with our men for quite some time and it’s always important to keep things interesting.  Ya just gotta get in touch with your inner Sasha Fierce every once in a while.  Whether you’re single, engaged, or celebrating your 40th year of marriage like my folks, there is something very empowering about being able to wear your confidence.  It can be found by taking a dance class or merely slipping on a sultry dress, but finding that inner power is (arguably) something every woman both fears and loves.  It has definitely been a personal struggle for myself and Connie to get in touch with this inner empowerment… we are grandmas at heart and our natural default is pajama onesies at home with the guys.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little ‘Netflix and Chill’, but sometimes it’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zones and be your own Queen B.  So grab your freak ’em dress, like this gray one from Love Culture, grab your man/woman, and have FUN.

The great thing about Date Night outfits is that you can embrace a different side of yourself because it is a special occasion.  When you’re shopping keep your eyes peeled for pieces that speak to your inner rockstar.  That’s the whole point of clothing … it is meant to be a form of expression and you’re entitled to wear what you want as long as YOU feel good.  If you look at the pics below, you’ll see that my inner diva just loves fringe!  I got the Topshop jacket from a second hand store many years ago and it’s insane to think I always hesitate to wear it.  Will people judge me?  Is this gonna be overkill at the grocery store?  Can I get away with spinning around in circles all day cuz it’s just so damn fun??!  I mean… this list goes on and on.  We all have that one amazing item we bought because we love it, but we never put it on (at least out in public).  Go ahead and dust the cobwebs off and take it out on your date or your girl’s night out!  Whatever the occasion, remember to be kind to yourself and understand that there is no better accessory than your own confidence.

Lots of love,

Soma & Ulte

PS.  Shout out to the two pups (George and Bella) who photobombed our photo session!!!!  I think they could sense I needed the moral support to get me out of my shell and just LAUGH








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