Holiday Traditions: The Old

December 9, 2016

We have such clear memories of decorating the tree when we were younger. I remember my mama putting the christmas music on (this one especially stands out) as we’d climb up into the attic to bring down all our decorations. We kept our decorations in an old popcorn tin, ya know the ones with the three different kinds of popcorn in it? To this day I still keep the ornaments in there. And while June and I both appreciate the stylized look of color coordinated trees, like the all gold and white tree, or the all red tree, we tend to be more on the nostalgic side. We love using the old ornaments we made out of popsicle sticks, animal ornaments and ornaments with family photos inside. So now when it comes time to decorate the tree I still do it the same way keeping the old traditions alive!


As I said we really favor the ornaments with family pictures in them. The top picture is of my crazy cute nephew who you might remember from this post.  And the second picture is of me, clearly so happy to be dressed as rainbow bright.

Another tradition we had was going to Lemoyne Center for Visual Arts in my hometown. Every December they change the entire gallery into a winter wonderland with each room dedicated to different themes. My mama, my sister, and I would go every year and my sister and I were allowed to pick out our own ornaments from each room. These deer were my pick from the woodland creatures room. They’re really worn in now, the little fawn’s spots are fading but I still love them just as much as the day I picked them out.

As for this adorable little elephant, he’s a new addition from last year. He was a gift from June because elephants are my favorite animal. I gave her a matching bear ornament.


I found these vintage ornaments from this eBay store. They have such a unique selection.


As you can see this angel tree topper is verrrrry old. It was my grandmothers when she was young. Even though she’s showing her age I still love seeing her on the top of my tree.

Because we use all mismatched vintage ornaments it’s nice to have a few “filler” ornaments to tie the tree together. I love these super simple white ball ornaments from Michaels because they look like little snowballs on the tree.


And don’t forget to decorate the mini trees too!


Every year when I unwrap all these ornaments I’m filled with as much joy as the year before, if not more! I hope y’all enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.



Soma & Ulte


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