Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

December 16, 2016



YAY!!!  We are thrilled to show you guys what we’ve been up to and we posted the activities on our very first instagram story yesterday on @soma_and_ulte.  Follow us if you haven’t already!  One of the stories was actually a picture of the amazingly talented, Shelley Rickman, who happens to be our guru for today’s post!


Shelley is a freelance hairstylist and makeup artist in Los Angeles and recently got admitted into the renowned “MAKEUP: MASTERED” program.  We are extremely lucky to have her here today to show us her favorite holiday makeup trend and (to our absolute glee) it’s all about the glitter.

Glitter and sparkle around the eyes is huge this holiday and Shelley is going to show us a classy way of doing this look.  It’s extremely easy to overdue it on your face AND glitter can get everywhere.  I’m still recovering from my glitter bat skirt in this post lol!  However, if done right you can absolutely avoid a raver’s ‘morning after’ look.


In between getting glam, we caught up with each other, laughed hysterically, and learned A TON about applying makeup during this tutorial. Thank you, Shelley, for taking the time to share with our readers and blessing us with your holiday cheer!!!

Now here is what we learned from our beauty expert about doing this amazing holiday look:



Step 1.  Moisturize!  Give your skin some love.  Also, if you haven’t yet go ahead and exfoliate your lips.

Step 2.  Every makeup artist does it differently, but Shelley prefers to start with the foundation and then do the concealer.  Depending on the person you may not need that much concealer and you can spot check.  Also, she prefers to do foundation before any eye makeup as well.  She says that if your skin looks luminous and healthy you’ll be able to better balance the amount of makeup you apply on the rest of your face.  She noticed that when you start with just your eye makeup, you may go heavy-handed because you may subconsciously be overcompensating since your skin is not yet a clean and even palette.  And then after she applies makeup she just uses powder to dust off any excess eye makeup that falls below the eyeline.  Voila… magic!  Shelley loves to use Koh Gen Do moisture foundation in combination with their foundation illuminator for an extra glow.

Step 3.  Go ahead and use a sheer powder to set your foundation in place.  You don’t have to powder everywhere, though, you can focus on the parts where you know you get oily and shiny.  Most people tend to have problem areas in the T zone.

Step 4.  Add bronzer ….and in the words of one of Shelley’s favorite makeup artists, Charlotte Tilbury, she says to “Follow the hollow”… so add bronzer to your cheekbone area, around the hairline, on your neck, and even add it to your eyelids!



Step 5.  Add blush to the cheekbones.

Step 6.  Next are the eyebrows!  Big tip is to start in the middle of the brow because people tend to be heavier handed when they start so you don’t want to start at the part closest to your nose because it will feel more like an outline as opposed to looking natural.

Step 7.  She uses a DELICIOUS smelling eyeshadow kit called The Chocolate Bar and puts taupe on the eye crease before she gets into the eyeliner.

Step 8.  Now we are on to the best part, which is the eyeliner!  Go ahead and do a cat eye.  You start at the inner eye’s eyelash line and sweep up towards the line of the brow.  It’s usually difficult to get right into the lashline with your eyeliner so she says the trick to filling it in and evening out your line is to use a black eyeshadow. 




Step 9.  Then the extremely exciting part is adding the GLITTER!!  So she used a glitter wand from Urban Decay and went right above the edge of the cat eye to almost halfway across the line.  She did the same thing to the bottom lid, but from the inside of the tear duct to the middle.  It’s all a very small amount of sparkle, but it has such a huge impact.  To finish off the eyes she placed mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes.

Step 10.  Put your favorite red lipstick on!  Shelley used Tom Ford’s “Ruby Rush” on both of us.




Connie got the silver glitter!




June got the gold!



Lipstick:  Tom Ford in “Ruby Rush”

Glitter Eyeliner:  Urban Decay in “Glam Rock:

Nail Polish:  Butter in “Stratford Honey”

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation Illuminator

Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

Koh Gen Do Natural Lighting Powder

Charlotte Tilbury bronzer called “Film Star Bronze and Glow”






Let us know if you guys try this look!!!  We would love to see your pictures 





Soma & Ulte



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