Holiday Sign DIY

December 21, 2016


Today’s DIY is inspired by our usual shopping spree at Michaels/ last minute gift ideas / we are just two broke B’s lol.  Aside from all of the expenses of traveling home to see family, bills, and just general ‘adulting’ – the last thing everyone needs is to spend a fortune on gifts!  Perhaps that’s why everyone is a little grumpier, a little more stressed, and gift giving has become somewhat of a mad rush.  For those of us who want to save some money AND a headache on their last minute gift, it is actually possible to do so without spending a ton of time!  Our DIY for the day is this hand drawn holiday sign and you’ll be happy because it is super easy and will be far more meaningful because it’ll be made with love <3.





–Sharpie Oil-Based Painter Markers.  Choose whatever colors you’d like to use.  We got a pack that comes with white, red, yellow, blue, and black.  Green sold separately.  Also, before you start you’ll need to follow the instructions to get the paint to come out through the tip.  It involves a good arm workout!


–Basswood Round by ArtMinds.  When purchasing this be aware that all of them are slightly different.  I prefer going into the store and checking it out first hand





Step 1  Take your pencil and draw out your scene onto the wood.  I did an outline for the words in my own style of font, but you should do it in your own handwriting.  Who cares if you think your handwriting looks like a doctor’s prescription…. This is what makes it personal:).  Heck, have your kids do it if you feel self conscious!



Step 2  Trace your pencil line with the red marker.  To add interest try to to trace some parts of the letters thinner and other parts thicker.  I tend to make the middle thicker and make the ends of the letters thinner.  Then retrace the left side of the letters in white marker.  This will add dimension to your lettering!



Step 3  Take your pencil and draw in the empty parts of your sign.  I thought it would be easy to do a snowman, Christmas tree, and Christmas wreath.  Then take your white pen and start tracing your pencil lines with everything that will be covered in snow (the ground and the snowman).



Step 4  Shade in the snowman’s hat in black marker and give him eyes, buttons, and arms!  I accidentally forgot to trace the arms my first time, but learn from my mistake and do it now so you can put away the black marker for good.



Step 5  Retrace your Christmas tree outline in green.  There is a trick to give this outline more dimension and you can do it like this….



… Make lines coming out of the bold line you traced so it looks like wisps.



Step 6  Give your snowman his nose!  The white paint should be dry by now. My pack didn’t come with orange so I just used the red and yellow to blend.




Step 7  Add some snowflakes to fill in the gaps in your scene.  I varied the sizes and even added snow dots for variety.  Totally up to you!  Then I added a cranberry filled wreath to balance out the green from the Christmas tree.  



And there you have it!  The perfect last minute holiday gift.  Show us what you’ve done…we’d love to see it.




Soma & Ulte


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