Galentine's Day Fashion

January 30, 2017


We’re baaaaaaack!!!!!


After a whirlwind of holiday festivities with our families we could not be more excited to get back to our blog.  We both enjoyed having time off, but we also missed it because Soma & Ulte is our creative outlet and our therapy!!  The past few weeks of prepping for our return have been full of huge growth, new vision boards, and a ton of photoshoots / shopping sprees.  We really could not be more excited to share it with you guys.

So, in celebration of the inspiring Women’s March that was celebrated ACROSS THE GLOBE (blows our minds!), we thought it would be absolutely appropriate to start our first post talking about Galentine’s Day!!!





Connie and I have always been giddy about Valentine’s Day because we are such fools for love, romantic comedies, corny cards, and the nostalgia of crushes from grade school HA!  However, over the years the meaning of Valentine’s Day has evolved.  As adults, it is now all about loving and appreciating everyone, but especially the women in our lives.  So why don’t we celebrate the crush we have on our friends?  There is so much to be said about the love of comraderie and our philosophy has always been to dedicate this blog to our friendship.  Whether you’ve got Galentine’s or Guylentine’s day… it is just fun to get dressed up and go out together!



So for our Galentine’s Day post we took our first road trip of the year to the Malibu Pier and just had a blast doing illegal things (like hanging from lifeguard towers).  We were a little bored by the traditional red so we decided to go with hot, hot eyeball burning pink.  I mean…  there’s a reason why we are wearing our sunnies! 



For Connie I found an amazingly cute dress from Banana Republic.  We’ve been talking about what styles look best for her curves… she’s always been super shy about showing them off, but I think it’s all about finding the most flattering silhouette for you.  If you’ve got  that amazing hourglass shape, embrace your inner babe!!!  It doesn’t have to be a scary process…it can actually be quite simple.



For the record this dress actually does not come with the patch or the belt.  It is a very classy line and can be worn buttoned all the way up if you prefer a more classy, conservative feel.  However, I wanted to do an homage to the 50’s diner girl and added the a sexy modern twist.  With just a belt and buttoning down the top you can easily add a va-va-boom style by accentuating your waistline and bustline.  It’s so easy!



On top of that, I went to TopShop and got us super cute patches.  This babe one is only $7!!




For me, I went for a twist on the modern business woman.  We’ve been reading up and following such influential #girlbosses I couldn’t help but show how you can mix business with pleasure!   (And no, I don’t mean you should wear this to the office … Pretty sure it’s NFW)



I found this blazer dress from TopShop and paired it with a Lush top.  The blazer dress alone is a weeeee bit peek-a-boobie for my taste so I ended up layering.






I went with my usual Steve Madden thigh high boots for some contrast and it helps to give off that sexy but powerful vibe.  Also, it totally matches the lines from the “Bang” patch!



Whatever you decide, always remember to have fun!




WE ARE SO HAPPY TO BE BACK!!!!  And thank you so much for joining us.




Soma & Ulte





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