Old School Valentines

February 10, 2017


Remember back in elementary school when you’d make a valentine for everyone in your class? I have such vivid memories of heading to the drug store with my mama and a list of all the kids in my class and picking out valentines for everyone. And I mean everyone, you would never in a million years leave someone out! Well this is the idea behind our valentines today. We are all for celebrating the love between you and your significant other but we truly love the idea of including everyone. And since June and I both work on film sets where we are around crews of 150 people or more its the perfect time to kick it old school!


We took a lot of inspiration from vintage Valentine’s day cards because they have THE BEST puns, and we just can’t resist a good ‘punny’ joke!






It’s the most fun to make a whole day out of it. Invite your best friends over, have a yummy valentine-y drink on hand, some snacks (or eat the treats from the valentines  and go to town!






For our first valentine we decided to cut right to the chase and “pop the corny question”…





Simply fill a cellophane bag with some popcorn and pink M&Ms (or any pink candy that you like best)

This next one is the one to use to tell that special crush just exactly how you feel…



Cut your construction paper into a heart shape then cut two slits in the middle of it.



Write your love note and stick the sucker into the slits



This next one is for your true love…



Take some match books (my boyfriend and I always grab one from a favorite restaurant or hotel from a favorite trip as a memento) and cut your construction paper to the size of the match book



Write your valentine a message, wrap it around the match book and tape it together.



And this last one is perfect for just about anyone!



We found this super cute honey pot at Papersource.

Just fill ‘er up with some honey and ask that special question…”will you bee my valentine?”



And there ya have it folks! Fun, simple valentines to make for anyone and EVERYone in your life! Happy Valentines Day!




Soma & Ulte





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