Nearly Naked Cake

February 17, 2017



We have been talkin about dropping down to your skivvies and being comfortable in the skin your in all week long. So when June and I were discussing what home decor/DIY/recipe would go best with this theme the answer was so obvious to me…A NAKED CAKE!!! I mean, if you’re gonna bare all that skin it’s probably best to eat a little cake ahead of time for that little boost of confidence  But really, naked cakes are having a serious moment in the spotlight right now and it’s easy to see why, they’re gorgeous!. Now I have to be totally honest with y’all, before this post I had never made a naked cake before so this was my very first attempt. I tell y’all that to show you it’s not so difficult. Aside from a handful of things you have to be very careful of (which I’ll discuss down below) you really can’t mess this one up!! So lets get on to it shall we?



To start you need to make two 8″ round cakes, I made a simple white cake (since it goes with our color scheme) but you can make any kind you like. I made these from scratch using THIS recipe. If you want to use a boxed cake mix I think it should work fine but maybe try a test run first. I read somewhere that because these mixes are so moist it may not hold up as well for the cake building process. If you try it let me know! The biggest note about making a naked cake is to really prep the pans before you bake since you will see the edges of the cake, you want it to be as clean as possible. So make sure you fully grease the pans and cut your parchment paper in rounds for the bottom of the pans. Once you’ve baked your cakes and they’re done cooling be sure to run a knife along the edges ensuring no cake is stuck before you transfer onto your cooling rack.



For the filling I chose to make a strawberry compote because, well because it’s delicious! And because I feel like there is no sweeter, juicier, and sexier (if a fruit can be sexy) fruit than strawberries. I used THIS super simple recipe.



To start you going to cut your two cake rounds in half horizontally. I’m not gonna lie, without THIS tool this is a little bit stressful! Normally cutting your cake by hand isn’t a big deal but because you’re going to see the cake fully from the outside it needs to be cut as perfectly as possible. No pressure!



Once you get thru the stress of cutting the cake (which I had June do…she’s got a much steadier hand than I do) it’s on to the fun part! ICING!!! I did this with just a ziplock bag. I wanted to make this cake without using a piping bag or special frosting tips because not everyone has those on hand and I want to show you can make this cake too! For the icing you’re just going to make a circle around the outside edge of the cake. This will serve as a barrier for the strawberry compote but also be that uniform layer you’ll see from the outside of the cake.



Next you’ll dollop your strawberry compote (or whatever filling you use) in the center of the cake and spread it around evenly with the back of a spoon.



Next you’ll dollop your strawberry compote (or whatever filling you use) in the center of the cake and spread it around evenly with the back of a spoon.



When you get to your top layer be sure to put it cut side down so the smooth side is on top








For the top layer I created a scallop like edge just by piping dots around the edge and then using a spatula to flatten them out a bit



Then I iced the rest of top just as I would any other cake



Don’t get to fussy with making it perfect because you’ll be covering it with flowers anyway!

And now onto decorating!!!!



We chose a combination or China Mums and Pom Poms



I started by placing a big China Mum in the center of the cake and continued only the China Mums on top for a dreamy puffy cloud like look 



I then placed the smaller Pom Poms randomly around the sides of the cake. Because I like the look of the exposed cake so much I didn’t want to cover the side up too much






And there you have it, a fun, beautiful, and easy cake! We chose a clean pallet of white but it would be so easy to change up the look of this cake for any occasion, use more colorful flowers, make chocolate cake, make it an ombre cake, the options are endless!!

Happy Baking!




Soma & Ulte



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