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February 20, 2017


One of the things I’ve discovered as an adult is that self love is probably one of the most important and most overlooked part of our lives.  As a freelancer, every day can be a hustle and the idea of taking time off is usually overshadowed by survival mode.  My 20’s were definitely defined by this concept.  How I managed to live the ‘work hard, play hard’ motto is beyond me!  Now, I live by #thatgrandmalife and I could not be happier haha   It doesn’t even matter if this is the nature of your job or if you’re stuck in a 9-5 every day, the idea of taking a breather for yourself may not be much of an option.  I know my mom/housewife friends who are battling screaming kids, student projects, and cranky husbands are barely recognized for their work because they don’t make a salary.  Sometimes LIFE can be a thankless job.  So by my late 20s I started recognizing that I was giving all of me to everyone and everything but myself and by 30 I demanded a change.


There is something so simple about that idea of ‘self love.’  It was under my nose the whole time, but perhaps I thought it was selfish of me if I took time off for me.  But what I can say now is that I wish I had started sooner.  Because what I discovered is that your happiness is directly correlated to the amount of self love that you give.  Because no matter how much money you make or how successful you are in your career or how great you are in your relationships, you will only be left with a feeling of emptiness if you are not happy with yourself.

So in honor of ‘self love’, Connie and I decided to share with you some of our favorite ways to unwind.



One of the easiest ways to take care of yourself is tending to the physical parts.  For many it can mean a day at the spa or a massage.  For those of us who can’t afford to do that all the time, there are much cheaper alternatives, all of which we found at your local TJ MAXX.



For those who love aromatherapy you can use a calming room spray or a candle.  We chose to go with everything lavender inspired because it is known to help ease tension, relieve pain, help with respiratory problems, and can even enhance your blood circulation.  Numerous products are laced with lavender essential oils and a lot of people recommend using the smell to help you fall asleep!




If you’re into warm baths. you should definitely look into the  Ahava Lavender Scented Bath Salts.  They contain a variety of vitamins to help restore and rejuvenate your body and skin all the while you’re soaking in a tub of delicious smelling water.  Afterwards treat your hands and feet for a treat with our personal favorite ultra moisturizing lotion from Crabtree & Evelyn  (not pictured here).




And for some extra love for your face, we were initially excited to try the Beauty 360 Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Firming Peel-ff Facial Mask.  This was probably our biggest regret of our product testing.  This mask goes on clear and dries onto your skin.  It kind of paralyzes your face in a way that is extremely uncomfortable because you do feel that “firming” tension, but in the worst way possible.  Then when we removed it from our face, it felt like we were peeling off a layer of our skin.  It hurt SO MUCH both of us were tearing up from the pain!  On top of that it left our skin feeling dry and it certainly did not help with anti-wrinkle.  Luckily they only sell it at CVS so as long as you avoid that like the plague you should be on your way to self love and not self hate HA!


We recommend the Pecksniff’s Lavender and White Tea shower gel because it’s smells amazing and, honestly, ya can’t really mess up shower gel.  We gave you the link, but it is much, much cheaper to just buy it at TJ Maax.


We also recommend the Jason Calming Lavender Deodorant Stick because it is a “natural product,” but it needs multiple applications during the day because it wears off.  For someone who suffers the ultimate sweat and stink factor, we’d recommend looking elsewhere.  This self love is not everlasting!



And, of course, the most obvious way to show your body some self love is to get physical!  Connie and I both are not gym people, but we wish we were lol.  Our weapon of choice is being outdoors either hiking or running.  The best way to relieve stress for us is to move our bodies.  Sometimes if you feel mentally trapped, kicking those endorphins into high gear can get you back into a happy place.



Sometimes self love can be done by alleviating some of your mental clutter.  I journal quite often to gather my thoughts and work out certain problems.  At times it is really frustrating to live in a negative mental space because you allow those thoughts to circulate in your mind without direction.



For those of us who love to plan and schedule, self love may mean actually planning out time for yourself.  What are your hobbies?  Bucket list?  Dreams?  Write them down and keep yourself accountable.  This Happiness Planner is actually the perfect way to do this.  On top of that, it has some motivating quotes to inspire your daily life.



For me, I enjoy reading books about organizing my physical space because doing so helps my mental happiness.  A lot of times being creative can literally look like my house exploded… to my fiancee’s dismay it often means there’s glitter everywhere!  So as to wrangle my own vices it calms me down to learn about ways to self improve.  I picked up this book called “I Want To Be Organized” by Harriet Griffey and it was a cute way of putting your ways and your life into perspective.



It includes both practical ways of organizing your space as well as inspiring ways to dig deeper into the meaningful things in your life.



And last, but not least… my favorite way of relaxing is to sit and meditate.  Often times I am on the run to get my job done, but there are rare moments when I am alone and can shut off my brain.  You don’t need to join a yoga class in order to do this simple yet challenging task.  All you have to do is breathe, focus on each breath and naturally you start relax.  This self love is my favorite because it is so portable.  I can even do it in my car!  For the moments when I can’t completely shut off my brain, I will listen to my go-t0 podcast “Optimal Living Daily” and just listening to a soothing voice talking about inspiring stories can help to ease your tension and get you back to your happy place.


Hope these suggestions help you guys find your own ways of self love.  Remember to slow down and give yourself a mental hug!




Soma & Ulte


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