A Beachy Keen Tote

March 3, 2017


I think we can all agree anything is made better when you put pom poms on it! And THESE pom pom makers (for the lack of a better word) make it so easy! We truly made it while sitting on the beach, it’s that easy! But I have found the directions to be a bit unclear so hopefully we can clear that up for you and you’ll be on your merry pom-pomming way!




You start by wrapping your yarn around one set of arms. Wrap as much or as little as you like, we like our pom poms fluffy so we wrapped it like there was no tomorrow.



You’ll be left with the tail from the beginning and a tail attached to the spool of yarn. Close up both sides of arms and cut along the groove. Be sure to keep your pom pom maker closed at this point. Now take an additional piece of yarn, about 18″ long, and tie it into the groove. Tie it tightly as this is what will hold the pom pom together 



Then pull your pom pom maker apart and TAA DAA!!



A pom pom!!!!! Now adorn your beach bag, or whatever strikes your fancy!




We made one big pom pom for the middle with two smaller ones on either side. Now get out there and put your pom pom on anything and everything you can find 




Soma & Ulte


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