Vintage Dress Makeover & Wedding Planning

March 21, 2017


As of late I’ve been consumed by wedding planning and I’ve gotta say it was initially very stressful.  I mean I was never the girl who had been dreaming of this day since she was 5, but now that I know how much goes into planning I’m totally kicking myself for not marrying my Barbies & Kens earlier.  On top of that I’m such a frugal fanatic that I couldn’t wrap my brain around pouring tons of money into an event that lasts less than a day.  Endless questions kept swirling in my brain:  Why are there so many hidden costs?  Why is there a fee for cutting my own cake?  Is there a secret code that when you say the word “wedding” the cost of a plastic chair automatically quadruples??  It just all seemed like a money-sucking vacuum that everyone buys into and, for a bit, it was all very disheartening.


So to get out of the funk and get inspired by the root of the wedding (the marriage) I decided to ask my closest married friends and family members what they would change if they could have another wedding.  It was amazing at how the overwhelming majority responded!   Most of them said they would (1) worry less and (2) they would absolutely do everything exactly they way they wanted…. not their mom, their dad, best friend, grandma, etc.  These consistent responses made me truly take pause and I realized I was getting so stressed trying to people please instead of focusing on the true meaning of it all:  to celebrate our story and the next step in our life!  I mean I’m about to marry my best friend/ my person/ my hunky lobster… why am I so busy worrying over trivial things?


This jolt of excitement led my heart to all of the right places and now our spending is finally started to feel like a true investment because it’s all tied back to the origin of “us.”  We chose a venue in woodsy Idyllwild, CA because that was where we met, we designed our own rings to reflect where we fell in love, and overall, we are throwing a lot of rules and expectations out the friggin’ window.  This was the key that opened up the creative flood gates and now we (and our closest friends) are cranking out DIYs left and right.  Connie has told me she’s already designed my whole wedding in her head so honestly I’m not sure what I’m stressing over, LOL!


Therefore, in the spirit of love and wedding planning I decided to dedicate this fashion post to my inner creative, frugal and fashionable bride.  In fact, my wonderfully talented fiancee even took these photos of me and I think it shows in my face!  (Gotta say it is a lot easier to stop thinking about how uncomfortable your are with being in front of the camera when all you’re doing is dreamily staring at the face behind it hahaha).  So here’s how I took an old vintage dress I found for $140 and breathed new life to it….





Here is the dress I found while I was shopping… it’s absolutely adorable and was a total steal!  However, it wasn’t really my style with the faded pink bows and the little bow peep vibes.



The one thing I fell in love with, though, were the embroidery details- so beautiful!  Since I’ve been staring at countless wedding dresses the one thing that has continually caught my eye were dresses with dimensional detail….



So I decided to go to Michael’s and buy some fake flowers in the colors I wanted….



And I started sewing the flowers directly on top of the embroidery to make the flowers “come to life”….



I chose orange, peach, white, and yellow toned flowers to give more variation in the colors.



Then I bought some ribbon to sew on top of the old pink one (just in case I change my mind) … I thought a bright orange would really cheer the dress up.



And I made a new bow for the front.



Here’s a close up of what I did!



The Final Product


So here you have it… a new dress birthed out of an old one … and it all only cost me an extra $20!  This is something that any bride on a budget can do as long as they don’t mind bargain hunting and learning how to do a little hand sewing.  So if you’re a bride and feel like you’re too overwhelmed by the cost of everything, just know that you can use your creativity to save tons of money and don’t forget that this big day is all about what you and your honey want.  Embrace your love story!









Soma & Ulte


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