Floral Chandelier DIY

March 25, 2017

Happy S P R I N G y’all!!!! As I’m sure you’re all well aware by now, Monday was the first day of spring. But what you may not know is that today is June’s birthday!! With as happy and cheery as we have been around here lately we wanted our DI-Friday to evoke that same spirit! This Floral Chandelier gave us so much joy while we were making it and even more once it was up on display! And while it does take some time to make I assure you it isn’t too difficult.


We started our Floral Chandelier adventure by going downtown to the Los Angeles Flower District. If you live in LA you must go!! It is a flower heaven! They have so many vendors with a wide variety of flowers. 








We had so much fun browsing and gushing over flower after flower. And we had even more fun because June’s mom was in town and came along to help us out.




You may recognize this reaction as one I often have with June. Her mama elicits the same reaction from me. She made our excursion such a blast!




So for your Floral Chandelier you’ll want to pick out your base greenery and flowers.




And several shades of Ranunculus


As for supplies you’ll need a Wire Wreath Form, Floral Wire, and scissors



You’ll start by making individual eucalyptus bundles by cutting a few sprigs and tying them together with the wire




Then you’ll attach the eucalyptus bundle to the wreath frame



Wrap in as many places as you need. We liked how the eucalyptus hangs down a bit but if we hadn’t tied it up in a few places it would not have hung as evenly. This part of the process takes time, so feel free to put friends and family to work…like we did with June’s mama  She was such a huge help!



Once you’ve finished filling the entire wreath form with the eucalyptus it’ll look like this




We wanted ours to look full and fluffy so we used a lot of the eucalyptus.


Then it’s time to add your flowers. You’ll repeat the same process of cutting the flowers and tying them to the wire frame.




To get the cascading look we cut the stems much longer and wove them into the wreath from itself, then tied them up with the wire. Because we spaced our flowers out a bit to give it a more organic feel, this part didn’t take as long as the eucalyptus.




Once you’ve finished attaching your flowers simply add rope by tying it to the inside ring of the wreath frame and you’re done!!




Because we used fresh flowers this is obviously not made to last. However you could make it last a bit longer if you use Water Tubes or make it last forever with artificial flowers.


We hope you love your Floral Chandelier as much as we do!! And we would LOVE to see what y’all make so send some pics our way!




Soma & Ulte


And Happy Birthday, Ulte!!!!!!!


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