Island Blues OOTD

March 28, 2017


Is it terrible that Spring has just started and we are already dreaming of summer?  Perhaps this is exactly why Connie and I chose to move to California 10 years ago (even before we became soulmates) and our current life goal is to just move closer and closer to the beach.  Hmmm an ocean view for Soma & Ulte headquarters sounds pretty perfect… or better yet, our own private tropical island ha!  However, until we are basking in the rays of our sunny fantasies we know we always have the west coast beaches as our retreat.  Lately it has been warming up so that we can actually spend part of the afternoon by the shore, but nothing compares to the pictures we’ve seen of those of you on your spring break trips!!  And thus we were inspired by you island hoppers and partygoers for this week’s OOTD.


Without question one of our favorite parts of going on vacation is picking out the best bathing suits… between Connie and I we can definitely open up our own swimsuit shop, lol.  However, one of the things that usually don’t get as much attention is the beach cover up.  It’s the unsung hero of bathing beauties everywhere- not only because it can conceal trouble spots, but also because it can serve as an actual outfit for your getaway.  Over the years Connie and I have collected an array of beach towels, sarongs, and basic cover ups, but nothing has gotten us this excited in a long time!!  Why?  Because this particular one is not only gorgeous, elegant, and the colors are striking, but the price is out of this world!  It is only a measly $22.90!!!!   Talk about bang for your buck!



It’s got this beautiful v-neckline on both the front and the back, which is flattering for most bodies.



It also has a handkerchief hemline which flows so gracefully no matter which direction the wind is blowing.



It is pretty opaque so those of us who don’t want to show booty out of the water don’t have to fear a free show.



And if you still want to show off your bathing suit, you most certainly can!  Even tying it up in different ways can drastically change the look.



And if you really want to take it up a notch, you can add earrings to dress it up!  These particular hoops from Anthropologie are actually dipped in turquoise and are fun accessories to match.  With just a simple accessory your cover up is now a gorgeous dress to go out in.  You know how much we love pretty and practical things!!!



And of course, we couldn’t finish up without an outtake from the shoot!  We present to you …..JUNE VS WIND part III.




Swim Foliage Cover-Up from Forever 21 for $22.90

Dipped Mercury Hoop Earrings from Anthropologie for $54.00

Bathing suit is no longer available but you can get a similar style HERE for $26.95





Soma & Ulte



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