DIY: Marbelized Easter Eggs

April 14, 2017


Happy almost Easter!! Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved Easter as much as Christmas and the Fourth of July (don’t even get me going on some Red, White, and Blue! That’s for another time.) My family always made a big deal about Easter, my mama would sneak into our rooms the night before and put our Easter baskets on the foot of the bed to wake up to the next morning. She did such a great job at making special, something my sister and I have kept going. We’ve been making Easter baskets for each other and for our S.O. ever since then. And decorating eggs has always been one of the best parts! Now don’t get me wrong we love the classic Paas egg dying technique but sometimes you just want to mix things up a little. Enter this marbelizing method.



For this all you need are some hard boiled eggs, nail polish in whatever color(s) you choose, room temp water, a plastic container you don’t mind getting nail polish all over, and some rubber gloves. You don’t want to do this bare handed, you’ll end up with nail polish all over your hands.



You have to start with room temp water (if it’s too cold the nail polish will just sink to the bottom). Take your nail polish and drop some into the water. We started with our yellow, then dropped some white on top



Then take a toothpick and swirl your nail polish together. You’ll want to do this right away because the nail polish does stick together quickly. Drop your egg in and swirl it around then set your egg out to dry.





And taa-daa!! It was so much fun seeing how the swirl turned out, we especially liked the way the eggs turned out when we swirled less, it gave it more of a 70s psychedelic vibe! And what’s great is that you can do any combinations of colors that your little heart desires. And they would look great combined with the classic Paas eggs too. Now get to dying folks, Easter is in two days!!!!!!


Happy Easter Y’all!




Soma & Ulte


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