OOTD: Festival Fringe DIY

April 17, 2017


WOOHOOOO!!!  Welcome to Festival Season!  The kickoff was at Coachella this past weekend and there are so many more on the way.  Whether your jam is going to FYF, Outside Lands or Stagecoach, there’s something out there for everyone and the fashion styles are just as diverse as the people attending.  There is an opportunity to  wear a new outfit every year and it is no surprise that fringe is almost always a staple.  It’s even a hilarious stereotype –as depicted in this amazingly accurate illustration from @jooleeloren.  This just cracks me up because it’s so true LOL!



So in honor of the upcoming festivities, I decided to dedicate this DIY to bringing to life your old crocheted “Boho,” “Victorian,” “Romantic,” “Poetic” top or dress with the use of an ombre fringe!  Why spend a ton of money on something every time you go to an event when you can get two looks out of one.  So for this DIY we are going to learn how to dip-dye some yarn and I’ll show you how EASY it is to transform your old look into a brand new one!!!



2 packs of SUGAR ‘N CREAM yarn: Color Denim 

1 pack of Rit Dye:  Color Denim

1 crocheted dress or top

1 bucket large enough to dip your yarn

1 towel you don’t care about getting dirty/dye on

1 pair of dishwashing gloves/ plastic gloves you can throw away

1 hanger

1 nearby sink or bowl of cold water



1. Prep the RIT dye and follow the instructions to mix the dye.  Go ahead and put the solution in a bucket large enough for you to dip your yarn.


2. I chose to go with a yarn that already has a natural ombre so I can cheat and only dip dye the bottom portion for a color gradient.  The Sugar ‘n Cream yarn in denim was the perfect color!  Go ahead and snip the yarn in your desired length.


3. Run the bottom of the yarn in warm water to the height at which you’d like your dye to end.  The point of doing this is that once you dip the yarn into the dye, the wet section will soak up the color faster.


4. Dip the yarn into the dye and leave it in for 5-10 minutes.  The longer you leave the yarn into the solution, the darker the yarn becomes… it’s like magic!



5. Put on your gloves and remove the yarn from the solution.  Ring out the dye from the yarn.


6.  Dip the dyed yarn into the bowl of cold water or in the sink  to set the color and, again, ring out the yarn.


7. Put the yarn on a hanger to dry and make sure to lay an old towel underneath the yarn so you don’t get dye blotches on your beautiful floors!  If you want a speedier drying time you can use a hair dryer.


8.  Voila!  You have prepped your yarn!!



9.  While you’re waiting for your yarn to dry you can take your crochet item and start planning out where you will add your fringe.  This gorgeous dress is from the store, Planet Blue, and is made by Cleobella.  If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives here is one from Topshop for $110 and here is another from Tobi for just $18!!



10.  Once you’ve planned out where your fringe will be the easiest part is actually adding it to the dress.  Take one end of your dyed yarn and thread it into one of the many crochet holes on the dress.  I’ve chosen to start around the waistline because it is where the fringe will look most natural.  Once you have pulled the end through, stop at the middle of the piece of yarn.  Make sure the two ends of the dyed yarn are even.



11.  Then take one end of the yarn and loop it back through the hole again to create a loop.  This will keep your fringe from flying off!  Also if you don’t feel like the holes are wide enough to accommodate two layers, you can loop your string once– making sure the two ends are even and then tie the two ends into a knot (Like you’re starting to tie your shoes).




12.  Continue this technique until you are satisfied with how much fringe you have!  I added mine to the skirt and to the sleeves!!  Make sure to watch a movie or listen to music while you do this so you can pass the time:)






It seriously took zero effort… just time.  I did all the looping while watching Mrs. Doubtfire with Connie.  It was easy and also once you get into the rhythm it’s quite calming.  I’m so happy about this DIY because I have a totally new/badass dress for festivals and yet I can still go back to wearing the dress in its original form.  Removing the fringe is just as simple as putting it on!










Cleobella Amei Short Dress $149

Brown Celestial Round Sunglasses for $5.99

Joie Doris Genuine Calf Hair Platform Ankle Strap Sandal $169


So there you have it, my frugal fashion tip of the week.   Let us know what you think!!



Soma & Ulte




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