DIY: Indigo Fringe Wall Hanging

April 21, 2017

Can we all agree that indigo is a forever classic? I mean, it’s never going out of style; and that’s true for fashion and for your home. There are just so many ways to use this color. And when June and I decided on highlighting  indigo for this week I knew immediately the DIY I wanted to do! This Ombre dip dyed wall hanging is just too good not to try! 

To get started you’ll need a wooden dowel (we used a 4′ birch dowel), yarn in whatever color you want, and Rit dye. I used Pearl Grey and Royal Blue.

To get started you’ll want to cut your yarn to whatever length you want. I knew I wanted ours to be wider than it was long so I cut the yarn to 56″. One piece of yarn with be two hanging pieces since you’re going to loop it around your dowel (so ours ended up hanging roughly 28″ long). This is the most time consuming part. Once you’ve tied on as many pieces of yarn as you want, hang it up somewhere level so you can cut the the bottom in whatever shape you want. I wanted ours to have an uneven look to it. Then mix your dye according to the package. I mixed ours in big tupperware containers so I could fit all the yarn in at once. I stared by wetting the yarn so it would take hold of the dye better. Then using the grey I dipped the yarn all the way to where I wanted the color to start. I left it in around 5-10 mins. Then I raised the yarn out a bit and let the rest continue to soak in the dye. You can leave your yarn in as long or as little as you want depending on how saturated you want the color to be. Once I got the yarn to the grey color I wanted I rinsed it out completely until the water ran clear. Then using the blue dye I started the process again. I didn’t dip the yarn as far in the blue because I wanted the top to remain plain grey. (Please forgive us for not having photos of this part of the process, the lighting in the bathroom where I was doing all the dip dying is less than desirable. Hopefully my instructions are clear but if you have any questions please feel free to post a comment and I can clear up anything that doesn’t make sense to you). Once you’ve reached the color gradation you’re looking for rinse the dye out and let your wall hanging dry


And that’s all there is to it!


Here’s a close up to give you a better look at how the color takes to the yarn

Now go hang your new wall hanging proudly!


Happy Friday y’all!!


Soma & Ulte


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