Feeling The Heat OOTD

April 24, 2017

The heat is on here in Los Angeles and festivities are in full swing!!  Coachella may be over, but Stagecoach is just around the corner… and for some of us (Connie) we couldn’t be more excited about the awesome lineup.  For others (me) we’re just excited to see that Shania Twain is friggin’ back, baby!!!  On top of that Cinco de Mayo is next week so, needless to say, the next two weeks are gonna be absolutely full of joy and celebration!  To honor the upcoming fun, we decided to choose a flirty OOTD and what inpsired it all was this cheerful tiered top!

One of my favorite things about this top are the cascading ruffles.  Its got some on the sleeves as well as the bottom edge, which make an average top quite special.  The front is a bit of a crop top and then dips down at the side to the back creating a gorgeous silhouette.  The flow is romantic, but the pop of color really brings it back to a festive vibe and really takes it to another level.

To complement the top, I chose an embroidered short.  Perhaps it’s with age or just not wanting my toosh to be all out these ones were absolutely perfect for me.  They’re soft, comfy, and have stretch, which makes me feel like I can actually breathe in them.  If you’re not into wearing completely tattered jeans this will definitely be the way to go for you.  It’s distressed in certain areas, but not too revealing.   Although they are high rise, they still do not come up high enough with this top to cover the belly.  So if you are a bit allergic to showing midriff you can easily choose a high-waisted jean to solve the dilemma!  Please note that if you are petite, they do not have your size in stores.  You’ll have to order them online!


And since I’m not a cowboy boots kinda gal, I went with  these embroidered 70’s inspired platform sandals.  As you can see, embroidery doesn’t seem to be exiting the fashion world any time soon and it’s showing up everywhere!!  I like this particular pair because they give me that necessary height to make my legs look longer than they actually are and since they’re somewhat nude they don’t cut my feet off awkwardly.  This is why you see so many celebrities wearing their gowns with a nude heel since it creates a statuesque illusion.  Beware, though, these bad boys give about 3.5 extra inches so if you’re not fluent in walking in them I would highly recommend you leave them at the store.  Wobbly baby giraffe syndrome is real and it’s not cute!


Then to wrap up the look I wore my favorite hat from Brixton, which I also wore here for Halloween season and I added a necklace that was gifted to me.  Just a few accessories can really make a huge difference in your final OOTD.




Cascade Tiered Shell Top for $58

Pilcro Hyphen High-Rise Embroidered Shorts for $98

Laumea Bone High Heel Sandal for $90

Happy Stagecoach Weekend/Pre Cinco de Mayo!


Soma & Ulte


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