#Real Talk: The Adventures of Connie and June Pt 2

May 10, 2017


After popular demand from last week’s post, we’re doing another edition of #RealTalk !  This week we have dedicated it all to Rock & Roll and we ended up in Downtown LA to do our photoshoot.  We ended up learning so much and made friends along our little adventure 



We love LA!!!  Both Connie and I have lived here for over 10 years and we’re still enamored by this amazing city and this gorgeous state!  Although there are certainly challenges with the blog, the one thing that excites us time and again is the idea of roadtrippin’ to cool destinations across Cali and sending our own love letter through our experiences.  While we were scouting for Polka Dot week, we went downtown and as you heard HERE in our first #RealTalk post, it was a near disaster trying to find a place.  However, while adventuring we ended up finding the perfect walls for Rock & Roll week and stumbled upon some eclectic wall art, including the iconic angel wings.  We’ve never had the desire to come and take a picture with the wings, but after close inspection of the paint and seeing how gorgeous it truly is in person, it sparked our interest about where they came from and who is behind it all.  Turns out that this is a global project!!!  And that made this serendipitous find that much more meaningful to us.  The artist, Collette Miller, actually started this project back in 2012.  She called it The Global Angel Wings Project and what she said really struck a cord in our hearts, “I created the interactive street art angel wings project to remind humanity that we are the angels of earth.”  It’s insane how we have seen such iconic landmarks in our city and yet have no clue of their origin and just hearing the intention behind it made us appreciate it so much more.  A lot of her wings were actually created in places of conflict to bring a sense of peace and light to an otherwise place of pain.  For example, after the Baltimore riots she painted wings in the neighborhood and it attracted the kids there to not only help her, but brought them joy and laughter.  And what’s amazing is that it’s been a symbol for unity and equality all across the world because so many people of different walks of life have been photographed with them: rabiis to soldiers, police officers, to kids…that these wings have crossed over all sorts of boundaries (gender, race, class, religion).  How amazing is that!?  So now when we pass by any of these wings, we are super proud because we know that this idea started right in LA and that they’re SO MUCH MORE than just a cool instagram photo.  For more info about the wings you can watch Miller’s TEDx Talk in the video below!




Sometimes when the stars align, and the winds blow from the north, we get really really lucky when we’re out shooting for Soma & Ulte and we get a special visitor. As seen HERE and HERE. And even though we try not to play favorites, our visitor this week, Holyfield (seen below) just made his way to the very tippy top. And not just because he is SUCH a cutie but his story is so incredible! Holyfield wandered over to us towards the end of our photoshoot; and it’s a good thing too because we were teary eyed and so emotional after his visit. This “little” guy got his name because he is such a fighter, just not a physical one. He was rescued from some very evil people who were trying to train him to BE a fighter but he refused to ever fight any of the other dogs. Once his current owner rescued him (a man with an equally amazing story) he named him Holyfield because he made it through 34! of those God awful, gut wrenching, stomach turning fights and came out of it just as sweet as he ever was! As you can see in the pictures, Holyfield is a true lover, not a fighter. Pitbulls get such a bad rap and it’s so unfair, any dog, Pitbull or otherwise, is only violent when they’ve been trained to be so. In my experience, Pitbulls have been incredibly sweet and loyal dogs. And we are so thankful for people that are rescuing these puppies (and all other animals) from these dangerous and heartbreaking situations. And there are so many ways to help, if you live in Los Angeles Bullies and Buddies is a great place, as is Angel City Pits. And I know there are so many places all over filled with animals that need a little extra TLC. Ok, now I’ll get off my high horse and just leave y’all with some absurdly cute photos of Holyfield!!






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