The Unicorn Squad: OOTD and Sneaker DIY

May 22, 2017

Oh hellllll yeaaaah, you know what time it is!!!  #OOTD Monday and this week’s theme has got us giddy and dreaming of glitter and rainbows.  We found these adorable tees at Zara and they truly inspired it all.  Yep it’s Unicorn week, folks, and we’re celebrating it in style!!!  It’s been a while since our last shoe DIY (here) and we’ve noticed the splash of neon trend lately.  To celebrate, we brought an adult and kid-friendly project to you guys and it’s easy as cake!  Here’s how to make these kickass kicks….


White Sneakers from H&M

Artist Loft Acrylic Paint from Michaels (We specifically used Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, and Aqua Green)

Craft Smart Brush Assortment (We used mostly used the flat brushes and the the liner brush for the details)

Blue Painter’s Tape

-Egg Carton Lid or Paint Palette

1. Start by using the blue painter’s tape to mark out your design lines.

I did diagonal stripes in the middle of the shoe (above).  Connie did 1 strip of blue tape all the way around both sides of the shoe (below).

2. Paint out your chosen color.  

I started off with the Neon Pink and used a flat brush.  Make sure when using the painter’s tape to press down on the edges properly so no paint will bleed through the cracks!

Connie used Neon Yellow and painted it all the way around the back of the shoe.  Make sure that your paint stay at room temperature because if it gets too hot or cold it will not properly adhere to the shoe.  We did our project outside and the cold breeze started making the paint clump and our lines were not smooth.

3. For my sneaker, there are a few more steps:

Once the paint is dry (about 5-10 minutes) carefully peel off the tape.  Use a liner brush to straighten out the edges if you see that the line is not straight.

Use the painter’s tape again to mark off your next stripe.  I chose to make my thickest strip Neon Yellow.

 Aren’t these colors AMAZING!!??!

Repeat this technique until you have all of the stripes you’d like!  Just be sure to give each stripe plenty of drying time in between applications

4.  Voila!!  YOU ARE DONE!!




Now here’s the super fun part was getting the #OOTD together!  Here’s how our Unicorn Squad came together




With our powers combined we are UniJune and UniConnie!

We fight crime through the power of happiness and high 5’s

Most of the time we get too distracted to get things done.

And we don’t often catch the bad guys cuz we’re too busy talking, but know we’re always ready.

In order to catch the bad guys we totally pretend to look innocent and unassuming until BAM!!!….


…we take down the evil-doers by flashing them with our Unicorn powers (boobs).  I mean, how cute are these tees???

We train daily to get our horns in tip top shape!

We would be completely powerless without our Unicorn Squad jackets (patches and jacket sold separately)….

….and our absolute love for one another (and love for skipping).





Unicorn Tshirt from Zara for $22.90

HighRise Flashback Stretch Denim Shorts from CottonOn for $29.95

Unicorn Horns from PaperSource (set of 8) for $14.95 

Light Pink Jackets sold out… similar here for $16.48

2-pack Iron on Unicorn Squad Patches for $9.99



Soma & Ulte


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