WWW: Unicorn Goodies

May 24, 2017

Are y’all loving unicorn week as much as we are?! There’s nothing more fun, or more capable of helping you get over hump day than, sparkles, rainbows, and glitter!! Here are some products that can give you that magical feeling any day of the week!

Unicorn Art Prints

The print above would be so cute in a little kids room or as decoration for a unicorn or rainbow themed party

Unicorn Print Shirt

What’s so funny is that while June and I were taking our photos for unicorn week, a girl walked by wearing this shirt and we all had a happy unicorn moment! See, they really do bring magic! And this shirt looked so cute on!

iPhone 6/6s Case

This phone cover would make answering emails and making calls so much more playful and fun!

Little Arrow Pins

This pin would not only be a cute addition to any outfit, it’s also a good reminder

Unicorn Bandages

These bandaids would surly make any cuts or scrapes feel almost worth it

Unicorn and Star Ankle Socks

My sister and I have always loved themed socks. We have too many Christmas socks to count but we get on board with any cute socks

UO Emoji Nail Polish

June and I nearly fell over when we found this nail polish at Urban Outfitters! We were wearing it over our neon yellow nail polish in our unicorn pics

Knitted Unicorn Cushion

This little plush stuffed unicorn is just too sweet for any little one that believes in unicorns. They also have an absurdly cute mermaid one and a rainbow one too!!

Large Rainbow Canvas Pouch

And last but not least is this rainbow pouch. We know this isn’t a unicorn but everyone knows unicorns live inside  rainbows so it only seemed fitting.

Happy hump day!


Soma & Ulte


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