It's A Unicorn Party

May 26, 2017

Now that we’ve spilled the beans on our biggest secret (our unicorn powers) we figured we’d keep it going. We know a lot of people wonder what keeps Wonder Woman in fighting shape, how Cat Woman keeps her svelte and strong figure, so we decided to go ahead and beat you to the punch. We’re gonna give you all the details of how we keeps our rainbows sparkling, our unicorn horns glowing, and keep up the energy to spread sprinkles and cheer to all we encounter. The secret is…

C U P C A K E S!!!!!!

We start with THIS classic vanilla cupcake recipe and frosting. This is a go-to recipe for me time after time. Actually, Rosie at Sweetapolita is responsible for many of my favorite baked goods recipes! But these aren’t just any ol vanilla cupcakes (they wouldn’t be very fueling for a unicorn if they were!) So here’s where our little secret comes in.


Once you’ve baked your cupcakes and let them cool completely go ahead and cut a little pit in the top of the cupcakes.

Then fill er up with sprinkles, sprinkles and more sprinkles!

Then take the part of the cupcake that you cut out and cut the cone part off so you’re left with just the top flat part

Then put that cupcake top back on top of the sprinkles.



Then top with your frosting. You can do any style you like, as you can see we piped some and just spread it on some

Then to give it our signature unicorn glow we used THESE so freakin adorable cupcakes toppers! Seriously, have you ever seen anything so cute?! We’re pretty much obsessed with all things Meri Meri




Gang’s all here!!

Now for the best part


When you cut/bite into your cupcakes you get a waterfall of sprinkles!!

Now don’t take these cupcakes lightly, it’s important that before you eat these you realize just how much power they hold. When you eat these you WILL feel an extra surge of joy and elation. Don’t say we didn’t warn you


Happy unicorning!!!!

Xoxo, Soma & Ulte


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Unicorn Horns $14.95


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