Pinstripe Pillow DIY

June 3, 2017

Happy, happy Friday everyone!

I get to take over Connie’s usual home segment for a day and I get to show you how I turned this old shirt into a fun pillow!  It seems pretty complicated, but I promise I’ll keep it as simple as I can.  If you already know how to hand sew then this will be a breeze… if not, it’s all good.  I will teach you!  This DIY is really the perfect way to re-purpose your old clothes, or in this case, your father/boyfriend/husband’s shirt!  And since the theme of the week is the pinstripe pattern, I went with this XL button down.




Step 1.  Make sure to have all of your supplies ready:

-Your dad or boyfriend or husband’s old pinstripe button down… be aware that the size of your shirt will dictate how big your pillow can be

-Fabric scissors

-Straight pins


-Hand sewing needle

-White thread

Step 2.  Go ahead and cut the collar off the shirt!  It’s scary at first, but extremely satisfying.  Just carefully follow along the seam for a guide line.



Step 3.  Make sure that you lay the shirt completely flat against the table and cut along the edge of the shoulders.

Please note that I cut through what was left of the collar to the seam that makes up the sleeve.  Do this step to both shoulders!

Step 4.   Fold down the front of the shirt under itself.  Use the straight seam on the back of the shirt as a guide.  


Repeat it on the back of the shirt.  Make sure that they are both folded so the ends are flush against one another.

Step 5.  Use your straight pins to keep the fabric in place so you can prep for sewing.

Make sure to do it all the way across the new seam you’ve made.

6.  Go ahead and sew the two seams using an invisible stitch.  If you do not know how to do one you can watch a TUTORIAL HERE

Step 7.  YAY!!!  You are done with the top part… let’s move to the bottom of the shirt!!!  Go ahead and make sure that your shirt is flat against your table.  If you’re not sure the size that your pillowcase should be, go ahead and stick your pillow in and make sure there is at least 2 inch seam allowance = at least 2 extra inches of fabric to flip the shirt tails under.  Go ahead and mark where you are going to cut using a straight edge.

Step 8.  Cut along the marked edge.  Fold under the top and bottom edge into itself.  We are basically repeating what we did on Step 4.  Make sure you’ve inserted your pillow inside the shirt before you begin sewing again!

Step 9.  Go ahead and pin the edges of the fabric together again with your straight pins and do another invisible stitch to seal in the pillow.  

Step 10.   Now for my favorite part– the bow!!!  Go ahead and take your sleeves and tie them together in a knot.  Tie it in a knot as many times as you see fit as long as the sleeve cuffs do not pass the pillow’s edge.


Step 11.  You can make the final bow in any way you’d prefer, but I chose to do a diagonal one so we can still see the button details on the shirt as well as on the cuffs.

Step 12.  To keep the sleeves in place I tacked down the edges of the cuffs to the body of the pillow.

And voila!!  You have the perfect pinstripe pillow!!!








Happy Sewing!


Soma & Ulte


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