Pretty In Pink OOTD

June 6, 2017

Today’s OOTD is a splash of light pink and a splash of #realtalk.  We feel so lucky because this #ootd post almost didn’t happen!  Connie and I went out to Manhattan Beach on a Monday at 5am, got dressed in her SUV in a random parking lot and then promptly waited for that beautiful California sunshine to peak across the ocean’s horizon.  We were all set.  We learned a lesson the hard way on our last photoshoot because we started too late in the morning and the harsh sunlight caused such a problem with our shots.  Well that was not gonna happen again.   Not this time- HA!  So we waited …. and we waited… and we waited for the sunrise and nothing ever happened.  Nothing happened!  It was sad and overcast and it was full on “June Gloom.”  (Personally, can’t say I appreciate that name, lol).  So instead of waiting another day, we decided to go ahead and do our ‘Pretty in Pink” photoshoot anyways.  This is real life people.  The blogging world is not nearly as glamorous and perfect as you see and, heck, it’s true to us!  So here it is -our love note to June Gloom.

When I was off on my many shopping sprees, I found this amazing dress from Anthropologie.  You can buy it HERE.  I love that it’s a wrap around skirt, but with a one-piece.  Super cute yet super low maintenance.  I’m always in search of unique pieces and this just screamed to be shared!!

As you can see the belt is woven through grommets and you can adjust it as you please.  How cool is that??  It can be worn flat against the body or the fabric can be pushed back for a ruffled edge.  It’s perfect for someone who loves emphasizing a waistline or just truly needs one (me).

Because the dress is so unique, I didn’t go overboard with the accessories.  I got these silver sandal heels from Jeffrey Campbell and I love how well they go with so many items that I own.  They also come in black and taupe suede!!  You can buy these silver heels HERE.

Not gonna lie it was SOOOO COLD on the pier that day!  I had to jump around and dance off the pain!!  EEEE!!!

See that marine layer in the background?  Yeah, it didn’t burn off all morning … you can blame me, June Gloom!

And last but not least, I added some simple hoops I got as a gift.  With a dress so special you truly don’t need much to make it pop.  Remember that sometimes less is more!




And as I was walking around the store, I found the perfect dress for Connie.  Considering I call her hot Martha, I thought this beautiful gingham shirt dress embodies her to a T!  You can buy the dress HERE.

Connie always jokes that she belongs in a different era and I totally agree.  This vintage inspired dress is absolutely great for her body.  The vneck accentuates her bust and the tie front waist cinches her gorgeous hourglass figure.

What we also love are all of the simple details that make all the difference.  The buttons that run along the dress are so adorable and THE POCKETS!!  We love any dress with hidden pockets 

Connie was also not spared from the chill, LOL!

And, again, the dress is so unique that it doesn’t require very much jewelry.  Connie just put on her usual accessories and it was just the right amount of bling.

Connie’s heels are a great staple for any closet.  These nude sandal heels are from Steve Madden and we LOVE them.  They go well with any outfit and adds length without distracting from your outfit.  You can buy her heels HERE.

 Let us know what you guys think.  Which dress is right for you?  Connie’s OOTD is a little more day time and mine is a little more night time.  Heck, why not just buy both?  


Soma & Ulte


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