Beach, Please Sun Hat DIY

April 1, 2017

 Happy Friday!!! If y’all haven’t noticed we’ve been dreaming of island escapes all week long. I feel like it’s always this time of year where my mind goes on a tropical vacation. The temperatures are rising and it’s been a while since the holidays but summer is still a bit away. Thankfully we’re fortunate enough to live near the beach so spending the day there is a weekly thing but this DIY will make anyone feel beach or pool ready in no time! This DIY came about because I saw THIS hat and thought it was so cute, however I did not think the price was cute. So I  thought it can’t be that hard to make one myself, turns out I was right! And ours costs a total of $24.95! Really the hardest part about it was waiting for the glue to dry. So lets get to it shall we?

All you’ll need is a sun hat (we got our at nordstrom rack but you can find a similar one here), some cord, string, ribbon, or if you want to get the exact look of the Eugenia Kim hat, some black sequin ribbon, glue and scissors.

We started by trying to trace the lettering onto the hat but it barely showed up so I just free handed the placement of the letters.

You have to start glueing as you go, this is where the patience comes in. You’ll have to hold the string down and make sure its firmly stuck to the hat before continuing on.



I found it handy to use a clip to hold the letters in place sometimes. Especially at the end of a word so I could go on to the next without waiting too terribly long



And there you have it! Now head to your nearest beach or pool and show off you crafty skills! And you can totally put any phrases you want on your hat.

Happy sunning!



Soma & Ulte


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