Transition Your Favorite Piece from Spring to Fall

September 27, 2016


It is always so hard for us to say goodbye to summer, but we are absolutely giddy about fall and what it has to offer in fashion.  Hellooooo jackets, sweaters, and boots!!  I mean you can really go nuts over what you can buy, and if you have the time and money you can get away with switching out pieces every season.  However, for those of us who have neither the time nor the budget to go out shopping for a whole new wardrobe, there are options!  We are total fans of recycling pieces in our closet and most (men and women) just have that one favorite “go to” item.  For us, it is the military button down.

This is by no means a new fashion staple.  In fact, it has been reincarnated into numerous ways every year: the jacket, vest, dress, and for this post… the shirt!  What we love about this particular option, though, is that it is both functional and versatile.  Whether it is used as a top or as an additional piece to layer, the military shirt is stylish, comfortable, AND it can be dressed up or down.  What more could you possibly want?

Below are two examples of how to use our favorite piece and how you can easily transition it from summer to fall.





This particular military shirt is perfect for ladies on the go because it can easily be dressed up or down.  During the summer this top can be worn very casually with shorts and sandals or it can be dressed up with jeans and heels. Here, we’ve chosen an outfit that can easily transition from day to night/summer to fall in order to show how versatile it can be. And we decided to go with a more ‘sexy tomboy’ vibe with ripped jeans and studded heels because we wanted to take it up a notch. The key, however, is getting the right pieces that suit YOUR style. What may work for us may not necessarily work for you!




What we also love about this top is that it can work for numerous shapes and sizes.  When worn with tighter pants this military shirt is very forgiving.  If you’re uncomfortable with showing off too much and want to hide the booty and the tummy, the length is just enough to skim over these parts.  As for the front, you want to make sure that you can button it all the way without puckering at the seams.  The more you are blessed up top, the more you will need to be aware of this.  Fit is everything.




When it comes to embracing your own style a convenient way of switching your look is by utilizing different accessories.  We are total 90’s kids so we rejoiced at the return of the choker.  It is truly an easy way to add some sex appeal to (what can be) a rather plain shirt.  Make sure to unbutton the top few buttons, though, so you elongate the neck.  The problem with chokers is that it can make your neck seem shorter depending on its width and that’s definitely not the look we want!




You can also accessorize by stealing from the men’s section.  This TIMEX Weekender watch is actually from good ol’ Target.






The Military Shirt pictured is currently sold at Zara for $69.90

The Kendall and Kylie Soul Blue Ankle Zip Ripped Girlfriend Jeans are $59.95

Sam Edelman York Sandals are currently on sale at ShopBop for $105

The  TIMEX Weekender watch is sold at Target for $54.99

Silver Madge Velvet Choker is sold out…womp womp.  Get similar styles here.





Hey girl heeeey!!  Coming from ‘sexy tomboy’, we are now totally embracing the feminine appeal.  Again we have the same top, but this time it is worn as an outer layer.  From Los Angeles to New York City the weather can be quite unpredictable throughout the day during early autumn.  The beauty of this military shirt is that the sleeves can be buttoned up to 3/4 length or rolled down to the wrists.  When paired with a mock neck dress and thigh high boots, it completely changes the look and you can keep you warm if the temperature drops.  So bring on the chill!




Again, accessories make all the difference.  These sunglasses are fun because the tint matches the green of the outfit and ties into the color scheme.  The earrings add that extra edge to the whole ensemble.




When transitioning from summer to fall it is great to think about your wardrobe as layers….A layer to add on when it’s cold or a layer to remove when it’s hot.  When we found this casual mock turtle neck dress at COTTON ON, we knew it was the perfect layer to wear underneath our favorite piece.  Not only is it affordable, but it is also super comfortable!  We cannot emphasize enough how important this factor is for us.  Whether you use the military button down as a light jacket or just wrapped around your waist, it is the perfect accessory for this dress.




We are a fan of the thigh high boot and we were super excited when we found these by Dolce Vita.  However, this is where we went for the splurge. These boots are on the pricier end, but it is all in the details. The western inspired pattern gives it such a unique look. The thicker heel also provides stability, which is necessary for us ladies here at Soma & Ulte. (Seriously, we totally look like wobbly newborn giraffes trying to walk for the first time when we’re in skinny heels).




One last thing to consider is that horizontal stripes do not work on many body types as it creates an illusion of widening the body.  The solid color of the military blouse actually serves to break up the pattern, which creates the illusion of a smaller frame.  If you are too scared to wear the stripes then go for an all black option underneath. This will definitely draw attention from the neck all the way down to the boots and streamline the body. Do not be afraid to experiment and have fun!




The Military Shirt pictured is currently sold at Zara for $69.90

The KN Angela Mock Neck Mini Dress is on sale now at for only $10

Dolce Vita Connor Boots are $330

Cheaper alternative are the Steve Madden Norri Boots for $129.95

BP Sunglasses only $12



So there you have it!  Hopefully this gets you excited and inspired about ways to use your favorite summer piece into the fall season and perhaps allows you to look at new ways to style yourself.  The most important thing is to remember that whatever style you choose you should always feel confident and comfortable.  If it makes you smile when you wear it, then you are exactly on the right track.


Until next time,

Soma & Ulte















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