OOTD: The Christmas Tree Hunter

December 7, 2016

So, in honor of this tree hunting tradition here at Soma & Ulte, Connie and I have embarked in another adventure in twinning.  When it came to brainstorming the OOTD ideas it went a little something like this:

Connie:  What should we wear?

June:  Green plaid tops.

Connie:  YES!  I already have the perfect one… maybe some darker pants…

June:  Totally, so the tops really pop.  You should wear your Hunter boots too cuz it might rain and I’ll wear mine!  

Connie:  Oh!  And long socks.  What about having them peek up from the top of the boots?

June:  Genius … also, I’ll wear my red beanie.

Connie:  I have a gray one!!  What about makeup?

June & Connie simultaneously:  RED.  LIPS.  (eyes wide) YESSSSS!!!!

If you’re with us in the room it almost sounds like one long run on sentence or an auctioneer trying to sell cattle.  Seriously, we are CRAZY enthusiastic … or as our men often say when we’re together, we are just crazy lol.  Either way, it’s nice to know that 99% of the time we agree on our design choices 

Since we live in Los Angeles we threw on our coats initially because it was actually quite chilly out.  We are both repping coats from J Crew (Connie’s) and Zara (June’s) from past seasons.  What’s important about picking out coats is to choose things that will last.  In the fashion world things seemingly go out of trend every 5 seconds, but we’ve found that basic neutrals and form fitting details never go out of style.  As you can see below, we are all about lines that give us shape … no need to look like a walking puffy marshmallow all winter –unless of course that’s your jam.


Then in true LA fashion we had to shed our layers after 20 minutes because the sun finally passed through the clouds.  This was when we could truly show our true twinny colors!

Oh ya know…we’re just two badass lumberjackie-O’s just out looking for our perfect Xmas tree lol.

And actually our favorite part of our OOTD’s were our hidden accessories… the vintage inspired Xmas earrings!  H&M actually made ornament earrings that were so reminiscent of the ones from our childhood we could not wait to break into the pack.  Yes, they blessed us with multiples.

Connie chose the wreaths…

And I chose the Xmas trees:).

So, what kind of tree did you get… and what did you wear?  Let us know and get festive!!!  #somandulteOOTD


Soma & Ulte


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