Skeleton Makeup DIY

October 28, 2016

One of our favorite things about Halloween is being able to transform into some other person, character, or personality that is completely different from our every day selves.  This year, we have recruited our wonderfully talented friend and special FX makeup artist, Brittany White, to help us transform into spooky Halloween skeletons!  Follow her on instagram here.  She’s gonna show us how to do 2 different types of skeleton heads using two different types of makeup.  (Photo below/inspo is from Pinterest).

For Connie’s makeup, Brittany used water activated makeup from Wolfe Brothers.  Water based makeup is amazing because it feels lightweight, it dries quickly, and it has a powdery finish.  It does, however, makes your face feel stretched out so beware if you don’t like that feeling.  It also comes off relatively easy… all you need is water!

Start with a layer of white all over your face and neck.  Be sure to leave circles for the eyes, a bit of the nose, and draw out the skeleton neck.

Then use black to draw the circles on the eyes, the nose, trace out the jawline, and start the fine details…

Fill black underneath the neck and in the spaces you left in between the bones.  Be sure to go over everything twice because the water-based makeup goes on thinner and you want to make sure to hide your skin color.

For June, Brittany used cream-based Makeup Forever makeup.  Unlike Connie’s makeup where she started with the white and finished off with the black, Brit had to do the opposite for June because the high likelihood of smearing due to the creamy texture.  Go ahead and draw out all of the black areas of the face and neck.  We’re thinking about the negative space so this could be tricky for some!

Then add the white over the black makeup.  As you can see, the cream-based makeup doesn’t really need multiple applications because it already goes on very thick.  It is also very, very sticky… headband is a must!

Then use a tiny brush to get into all the creepy details around the mouth and eyes.  The cream allows blending to come naturally… so if you bleed the black into the white it will turn gray.

Here’s a close-up of the side.  This one seems a lot more complicated to do, but really you can get away with anything.  As long as there is high contrast in the jawline, neck, and eyes it will easily read as a skeleton.   Remember to powder when you’re done so you can set the makeup!

And here is the eerie final product… whichever one you choose to do, remember to experiment and have fun!  It’s all about getting in touch with your inner artist/kid.  Besides, just a few makeup wipes allow you to start all over again if you mess up.

Hope your Halloween’s a total screeeeeaaaam!!!!

Soma & Ulte


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