Spooky Soiree

October 27, 2016

Are you planning a spooky soiree this Halloween? Then you’ll need a spooky cocktail to go along with it, cause you know people are coming for the boos 

We wanted to create a sinister, blood red colored drink to pop against all the black and white décor. For this we went with a Classic Manhattan with a twist, we added pomegranate juice to give it more of that blood red color.



1 ½ oz (3 T.) Knob Creek (or your preferred bourbon or blended whiskey)


1 ½ oz. pure pomegranate juice


½ t. simple syrup (we made our own with equal parts sugar and water)


2 dashes Angostura bitters



Fill cocktail shaker halfway with ice cubes and add all ingredients. Shake well to get nice and frosty, strain into glasses and garnish with a piece of black licorice!

To properly display all your hard work, top your bar cart off with a runner or fabric of some kind. Inevitably spills will happen so best to start off prepared. We added some flickering candle lights around the cart and a glittery candelabra to give it a warm glow. Add a skull and some goodies from the craft store such as bugs, rodents, or bones. Put out all your drinks already made so no one has to wait for them and enjoy!


Happy Haunting!



Soma & Ulte


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