Staying Sexy & Keeping Warm

October 14, 2016

The trouble with the weather getting cooler is that you can’t always match style with functionality.  If you wanna look sexy but want to keep from shivering your buns off, it may feel like you have to sacrifice one for the other.  However, this is not the case!  Today it’s all about finding a way to blend the two worlds and make your outerwear an integral part of your OOTD.

We found this fun patterned long-sleeved dress from H&M last season and fell in love.  By itself it is a fantastic piece for daytime in autumn, but as the temperature drops it’s important to add an extra layer.  It’s super easy to throw on a black leather jacket and call it a day, but we found a way to compliment the pattern on the dress with this mustard jacket from Anne Klein.

What’s important to note when finding an accent piece for your outfit is looking at the color.  For patterns, like this dress, it is important to find a color already present in the fabric and pick a jacket or accessory that either (1) matches it or (2)  is complementary.  With this outfit we decided to try to match it so that it all flows together better.  It also helps to tone down the pattern itself since it is so busy.

Another way to stay warm in your dress is grabbing a pair of knee high boots.  It keeps the calves toasty, while still showing some leg.  Depending on the length of the dress, you have full control over your sultry self… so go out there girl and embrace that badass inner diva 


Anne Klein Linen Draped Jacket is now on sale at Macy’s for $77.99

H&M Dress is no longer available

Dolce Vita boots no longer available but similar here


Soma & Ulte


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