#WCW Sabrina Skau

October 11, 2016


This week’s #Women Crush Wednesday is Sabrina Skau!  She’s a director and editor at Sandwich Video, co-founder of the ‘Women on the Verge’ podcast, and she can actually kick your butt because she medals in brazilian jiu jitsu competitions.  Oh ya know…she’s just kind of a BIG DEAL.



Sabrina is a wonder woman in the kindest yet most commanding way possible.  She is not one to bulldoze others with her opinions, but rather, she is a soft spoken individual and a gentle soul.  Having worked alongside her firsthand, she is always at an even temperament no matter the stress she is under.  Perhaps it is her quiet confidence that allows her to be heard amongst the din and can calm even the most boisterous of personalities.  It is probably why she has been asked time and again to direct commercials for Osmo, a company that makes educational apps for children, because she’s like a Jedi Master with people (and kids are no exception).



There is no doubt that these qualities (amongst many others) are probably why she has been able to lead the charge for the causes she’s passionate about and has successfully pushed beyond societal standards.  As a self described ‘queer, gender-noncomforming, Asian woman,’ Sabrina has been able to proudly challenge expectations of how women should look/behave and constantly supports others in their efforts towards female empowerment.  This is why she was at the helm of the Sandwich inclusivity initiative which has led to the company’s conscious effort to start increasing the number of women and people of color in front of and behind the camera.  It is also why Sabrina started her latest passion project, a podcast called ‘Women on the Verge’.  To hear the podcast click HERE.




We caught up with Sabrina and asked her to give us the inside scoop…


Soma & Ulte:  What is Women on the Verge and why did you start it? 


Sabrina Skau:  I think I’ve wanted to start a podcast for a very long time; it just took some time to land on a good idea.  My friend, Paula, and I have wanted to collaborate on something for a while.  She’s a screenwriter and so we thought it could be fun to write a series of short films together.  During one of our writing sessions, we ended up talking about some of the other women we know who are doing awesome things in the industry.  I suggested it could be fun to do a podcast in which we interview them, similar in style to my favorite podcast of all time, Another Round.  She loved the idea and we started to plan it out.  Around this time, Sandwich invested in some podcasting equipment and our workload lightened up a bit over the summer so Paula and I finally got into the studio and started recording some episodes. 


Soma and Ulte:  That’s wonderful… we heard you’re already on your 3rd episode!  What are you ladies hoping to get out of sharing your podcast? 


Sabrina:  I think it’s less about what I hope to get out of the podcast than what I hope other people get out of it. Paula and I want to create a platform for women to share their experiences and their work.  Even though the podcast is very woman-centric, I hope that people of all genders listen to it. It’s important for women’s voices to be heard, because a lot of the time we’re left out of the conversation. It’s been wonderful to hear people’s feedback; our listeners are so excited and inspired, and knowing that the podcast adds something to their lives is really gratifying and inspires us to keep making episodes. We’ve had a very diverse group of guests so far, which is something we’ve been deliberate about. Podcasts, like any other form of media, are a great way to introduce people to perspectives that may be new or unfamiliar to them. It’s also been great to be able to present a diversity of career journeys; it’s important to realize that whatever your career goal might be, getting there doesn’t have to be a sprint. It’s okay (and likely) for it to be a marathon, and just because one person did it a certain way doesn’t mean that’s the only way to go about it. The women on our podcast are all early- or mid-career and it’s comforting to hear about the various ups and downs we’ve faced as we try to figure this all out. Our second guest, director Arkasha Stevenson, talks about dealing with professional jealousy of other women, which is such a real thing that we’ve all probably experienced and are definitely not proud of feeling. I love how she reframes that jealousy by suggesting that we focus on being inspired by other women doing amazing things, and assuage that jealousy (which often comes from feeling insecure about our own work and how we’re doing) by remembering that just because someone else is succeeding doesn’t mean that you’re failing. I think that’s so important! Again, there are many different paths and we shouldn’t put ourselves down by comparing ourselves to others and finding ourselves wanting. I also truly believe in the power of surrounding yourself with other women who are doing amazing things (I guess that’s the whole premise of the podcast!). I like this idea of kind of absorbing other women’s awesomeness into yourself, which you do by collaborating with and supporting other women and their work. We’re all better together and when we’re being inspired by each other. Women on the Verge is basically shine theory in audio form.


Sabrina and her best friend, Big Tuna <3


And so it is with this constant drive to create opportunities for women and celebrate their strengths that we have so enthusiastically chosen her as our #WCW.  I mean it was as though she was meant to be a poster gal for our anti-mean girls campaign!  Thank you, Sabrina, for sharing your passion with us and for continuing to promote a world where women can spread love, equality, and positivity to and for one another.


With much adoration,

Soma & Ulte







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