#Real Talk: Adventures Of Connie And June Pt 4

June 1, 2017

Hey y’all! As you may or may not know, June is in Fiji right now, I know, poor her right?!! So this is more of a solo adventure this week but I have a topic I’m really curious to talk about.

With the Holiday weekend this past weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to take a super last minute trip back to the east coast to see our families. His family is in the Philadelphia area and mine is in North Carolina. When it comes time to take a trip we’re always torn between going home to see family and taking a “real” vacation to some exotic location we’ve never been to before. We try to mix it up but I’d say the majority of the time we choose to see family. Because we live so far away we really value any time we get with them. The fact that we both adore each others families is such an extra blessing! But I’m curious what y’all do? If you’re lucky enough to live in the same town as your family (or even a few hours drive away) maybe you don’t have to make this decision? But for those of us who don’t; is it always a choice you have to make or do you always lean one way or the other?

I guess todays post is really more of a question than anything else but I’d love to hear yall’s thoughts on it! With this weekend being the unofficial kick off of summer, I know we have lots of trips to plan!!



Soma & Ulte


*featured image via Hammem Towels Co.


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