#RealTalk: The Adventures Of Connie and June Pt 5

June 8, 2017

Bula from Fiji, everyone!

For this week’s #realtalk I’ll be giving you an update of what my life is like on the islands (or as much as I’m allowed).

It’s been an amazing experience being back on location with some of my favorite people and I was just telling Connie how much I feel like I belong in the tropics.  I’ve always known that I could live in this climate, but seriously my body, mind, and soul THRIVE here.  It’s definitely going to be difficult to leave.  What I love about this job is that I get to do exactly what I love and I get paid to travel.  I know a lot of my corporate friends get to do this regularly, but as an infrequent flyer I couldn’t be more grateful.  Is this real?!!?  I pinch myself every morning.


Life on the island is so colorful!  From the cotton candy sunsets to the fiery sunrises, the ever-changing color of the ocean, I truly feel like a kid holding up a kaleidoscope whenever I open my eyes.  Everywhere I look there is something exciting and new.  There is wildlife all around- the tropical birds with the big yellow beaks and black bodies (gotta learn what those are), baby froggies leaping about, families of squid, dolphins, and even the creepy crawlies.  There are poisonous sea snakes I have yet to meet, but something tells me I’ll be okay without that bonding time!

I have three modes of transportation around here.  I’ll either walk to work from my bungalow, I’ll take a speedboat to set….

 …..or I’ll zoom around in my favorite chariot, “The buggy”…. Here she is in all of her glory:)  I never played golf so this is new for me haha!

My biggest fear coming to the islands is that I get horribly, horribly sea sick on boats.  Last year, I was a total newbie and was absolutely driving the struggle bus.  I thought I could get by on non-drowsy Dramamine, but I found out the hard way that Dramamine is only effective when you just let your body sleep and be still.  Sadly, I’m not allowed to sleep on the job and closing your eyes and meditating away your nausea also doesn’t help.  So on my first shoot day last year I ended up on a boat for almost 18 hours and lets just say I was like Bernie from ‘Weekend at Bernie’s.’  LOL!!  Did I mention I also have puke phobia?  Well, when I saw someone else toss their cookies it was all over for me lol.  So this year, I learned my lesson and got these amazing patches to put behind my ear.  I totally recommend them for anyone who suffers from sea, car, plane, train sickness.  It’s a miracle worker!!!  No cookies tossed in the making of this post!

And now that I’m properly drugged up, I’m truly all smiles around 

Last year I didn’t get a lot of free time, but this year I’m taking full advantage of my time on the island.  Before my work day, I’ve been snorkeling, paddle boarding, and swimming to wake my body up.  If I’m lucky I’ll get to go ziplining before I leave.  I’m a total adrenaline junkie so anything that gets my heart racing and blood pumping will always be the highlight of my day.  Luckily with this job, it’s almost a prerequisite to embrace this kind of lifestyle because we work in such extreme conditions.

I can’t emphasize enough how much I love being here and how gracious the Fijian people are.  They’ve taught me many words, but the word ‘Bula’ is one of the most important.  It is not only a friendly hello, but it literally means ‘LIFE”, which is so appropriate because I’ve never felt more alive and in love with the earth as I do now.

Have you guys been to Fiji?  What island were you on?

I’d love to hear your stories or suggestions because I’ve still got time to explore!


Soma & Ulte


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