Seaside Vibes OOTD

June 19, 2017

Although 17 days in paradise was absolutely amazing, I have to say my heart feels truly whole when I’m back with my family in LA.  It was so good to be able to eat delicious Thai food again, to kiss my fiancee, and to snuggle with my child/kitty cat, Jaxx.  I feel extremely grateful to be able to travel for work, but when I can’t experience things with my best friend it doesn’t seem nearly half as fun.  Luckily, I was able to take a week off from work to spend some QT with my cutie and it was his birthday week, so I decided to celebrate his bday at our favorite place, Catalina Island!  I know, I know… I was just on an island, but I felt bad that both of us couldn’t be there and this was the perfect mini vacay.  Have you guys been?

What I love about the island is that you are surrounded by a clean and fresh color palette.  Everywhere you look there is gleaming bright white and crystal blue, which is so reminiscent of towns in Greece or Italy.  The temperature was about 76 degrees when we arrived so it was hot in the sun and nice and cool in the shade, so it was truly perfect.  I actually ended up purchasing most of our OOTD in town because I was so inspired by the simple monochromatic colors!

What started it all was this adorable SEASIDE VIBES PART WAYS TANK TOP.

There are so many little shops along the shore and there’s bound to be something that suits your style.  This particular store was geared towards the surfer/skater crowd and featured a ton of my favorite brands.  This top is from Billabong!

I actually wore the tank top over my white BATHING SUIT TOP, which happens to also be from Billabong!  As you’ve probably noticed, Connie and I are huge fans of intricate crochet details.  This back gorgeous back detail reminded me of my favorite DIY FRINGE POST during festival season.


And, of course, I could not walk away from this gorgeous AMARILLO FEDORA when I found it.  I is made by Brixton, which is my absolute favorite hat brand!  I already have one of their wide brimmed hats in black for winter so when I found this at the store I absolutely squealed like a little girl because I’ve been looking everywhere for this!!!  It’s already sold out on, but it’s still available at REVOLVE if you click the underlined link.

It was not warm enough during the afternoons for shorts so I wore my white jeans from Cotton On.  These are my staple summer pants because the color is not only cooling, but so are the rips LOL!  This style is sold out, but you can find a similar pair HERE and they’re on sale for only $20!!!

When I was in Fiji there was pearl jewelry everywhere and it made me take a step back and really appreciate its origin.  I wanted to purchase some while I was there, but it was just way too expensive … so when I found these $24 knock offs I was elated.  These were handcrafted in  Hawaii by designer, Leighton Lam.


And my other happy purchase was this gorgeous seashell ring!  It’s actually made from a real seashell and it was only $10.  It’s currently only sold in the store called Lattitude 33 on the island.


If you guys are in southern California this summer, you should definitely take a visit to Catalina!!  It’s gorgeous, laid back, and it’s the perfect intimate getaway!


Soma & Ulte


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