White Hot Beach Picnic

June 24, 2017

With Memorial Day a few weeks ago we are officially into SUMMER!!! Summer is hands down my favorite time of year, I love the heat, the beach days, the clothing, the flip flops (or barefoot if you’re like me), and the fact that the sun doesn’t set til 9pm! And one of the very best things about summer is all the outdoor activities you can enjoy thanks to those long days. Y’all know we love the beach and we love food, so there’s nothing better than putting those two things together!


Every great picnic starts with a great picnic basket. THIS one from Crate & Barrel is perfect, it held everything we needed and more. The coolest thing about it is that it comes with a little wooden stand that protects any baked goods on the bottom of the basket from getting crushed by item on top, and then doubles as a little table top once you’re all set up for your picnic.


For our picnic we packed these yummy vegetarian sandwiches. For these we used roasted red pepper hummus as the spread then topped it off with avocado, cucumber, roasted red peppers and sprouts. And some Terra Real Vegetable chips


And I swear that fresh fruit tastes EVEN better when you’re at the beach!

And of course the best part about a picnic is being with you bestie/soulmate! Especially when you make her laugh by sharing your “see-food” (bonus points if you remember the movie that made that joke famous!!)

Now get out there and enjoy this incredible summer we’re having!!! Hurry, because before you know it we’ll be talking about how excited we are for the holidays!!!


Soma & Ulte


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