#Real Talk: The Adventures of Connie and June Pt 3

May 17, 2017

Happy Hump Day!!

It’s that time again, #RealTalk time.  We’ve been so happy with all the positive feedback we’ve gotten from our new Wednesdays that we’re keeping it going!



Ever since our first holiday season together, Connie aka “Soma” and I have been exchanging very carefully thought out gifts for one another.  Luckily, when you spend most (if not all) of your free time with your bestie gift ideas present themselves all of the time.  I can’t look at a unicorn, mermaid, succulent, cake, garden, neutral colored anything and not think of my Soma.  She’s got about as much eclectic taste as I do, which is probably why we get along so well and why we couldn’t just choose one color scheme for instagram.  The design ADD is so real with us haha.  So when I ran into these adorable plates last year at one of my favorite local stores, BlackMarket , I immediately jumped up and down for joy thinking how much she’d love them… and ever since I gave them to her we’ve been thinking about ways to incorporate them for Soma & Ulte!  And because the palm print is so friggin’ popular right now, we thought this was the perfect time to bust them out.  So you’ll see these plates again this Friday because it actually inspired the DIY of the week :).   To me these little plates are a perfect representation of Connie.  The design is crisp and clean, which is something she always keeps me on top of (I tend to gravitate towards the more busy and funky).  There is a slight ring of gold around the edge, which she ALWAYS has- from the decor in her house to the staple jewelry you’ll notice she always wears in our pics.  Very rarely will you see Soma in silver.  Last but not least, the plants!  I jokingly call Connie my “Hot Martha [Stewart]” because she’s so multi-talented (she gardens, she bakes, she decorates, she crafts…. she has a surprisingly edgy side that always challenges authority, which makes me think I may have to bail her out of jail one day or, preferably, we’ll be cellmates).  So the plants make me think of her because she’s always gardening.  She’s got a million different types of plants in and outside of the house and she’s a total green thumb.  I, on the other hand, am the girl who can kill a cactus.  A CACTUS!  One of the most resilient of plants and also the most low maintenance!!  I’m the worst, but she’s the best at it so we balance each other out lol.  But whenever I see a green plant, it always makes me think of her because of how much she loves them.  (See below to see how much).  So that’s my love letter to my bff/ride or die for the day   I’m gonna go buy some fake plants now…..


So here’s a little fun fact, initially our plan for Friday’s home post was to give y’all tips on indoor plants. It seemed like a great idea for a topic because they can be tricky little plants but everybody loves them! Well that plan was all well and good until we went out to shoot the pictures to go with it and we felt like they just weren’t strong enough to be a post all on their own. But since there’s still some valuable information to go along with it we thought we’d share it all with you today! I’m going to share with y’all the plants that I’ve found work best for indoors and the best tricks and tips I’ve learned.

First up for good indoor plants is the ever favorite, succulents. These will do very well inside as long as they’re near a window where they get pretty sufficient light. It doesn’t have to be all day light, just a good solid few hours.

Next up is the snake plant, these suckers cannot be killed! I guess that’s why I’m looking so adoringly at it?? Anywho, this has got to be one of the most resilient plants ever. Seriously, if you feel like you have a black thumb, I’d start with this one. It’ll build your confidence until you branch out to others. see what I did there? 

Also, see that fiddle fig to my right in the picture? Those are also great for indoors but they can be a little more finicky than the snake plant. They’ll need more light but they don’t like direct sunlight, so as long as they’re near a window that gets indirect light they’ll be happy.

The next plant that does so well inside is the Rubber Plant (sorry about the internet found pic, we didn’t get a picture of my rubber plant for y’all). It’s very tolerant of most conditions inside and I’ve even moved with mine several times and it has survived! Not an easy request for most plants!


Last up is the Heartless Philodendron (and split leaf philodendron-not pictured). Both do very well inside as long as they have plenty of indirect sunlight throughout the day.And here are the biggest tips I’ve learned that will keep all of the plants I listed above happy.

1. Make sure they have well drained soil. Use a planter that has a hole in the bottom so the water can drain through. If you have a planter you love but it doesn’t have a drainage hole then you can use pebbles and rocks on the bottom of the pot, then layer the soil of top of the rocks. They will act as a draining system for you.

2. I find that most people who claim they kill every plant they ever buy is over watering their plants. They try so hard to make sure they aren’t forgetting about their plants that they give them a little too much TLC. I’ve found what’s best for indoor plants is to let them dry out so that the top two inches of soil are completely dry before you water them again. *This is not the case for full-sun outdoor plants

.3. And the number one lesson I have learned, and this one I have learned the hard way too many times, is that once you find your plants happy place, leave it there!! Sadly I killed off quite a few plants doing shoots for Soma & Ulte because I kept moving the plants either in the shot or out of the shot. You’re plants will let you know when they’re happy, listen to them! It’ll make your life so much easier I promise!


Top image from :  labella-instagram.tumblr.com

All other images taken by:  Soma & Ulte


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