June of the Jungle OOTD

July 24, 2017


Welcome back and happy relaunch day, everyone!  Connie and I have been busting our butts off to finally get here and we can't believe it.  It took us (what felt like) foooorever to transfer all of our old stuff and we hope you think it's been worth the wait.  We are so incredibly proud of the new site and we look forward to hearing your feedback!  So be sure to leave a comment below :)  


And now... back to our regularly scheduled program!!



We decided to go to the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Gardens at UCLA for today's OOTD and it couldn't be a more perfect marriage for Emerald Week.  All around us are gorgeous shades of green and we got to explore the grounds for free!  Yes, it is yet another reason to visit the lush 7.5 acre gardens.... not to mention the time spent away in your very own jungle.



The summer heat has been inspiring us to wear more dresses and I found the perfect one to keep you cool for all of the outdoor events you'll be attending.  Whether it's date night or you're just going to a friend's wedding, this look will surely do the trick! 


This sexy number is from Adelyn Rae and is called the Prescilla Cold Shoulder Wrap Dress.  

Click HERE to buy it!



One of the many reasons why I love it is the romantic drape down the arms.  This opening is called the "cold shoulder" and has been extremely popular in this year's summer fashion trends, but it isn't something new.  Designers have often been inspired by Greek and Roman costumes from back in the day, which is why it has such a goddess-like quality to it.  This silhouette is often seen throughout history as seductive and meant to be diaphanous!  So don't be surprised if you wanna throw a glance over your shoulder and give a coy smile or two... MAJOR SIDE EFFECT to wearing this dress lol!




Another reason why I love it is the wrap front waist.  You know that I'm a huge advocate of cinching in the waist and this is no different!  When you already have so much fabric accentuating your upper half, it's always important to keep in mind balance.  A fitted bottom for the draped shoulders is strongly recommended!



And, of course, you want to keep in mind the fit around the breasts.  This is a dress that can prove troublesome for those who are more blessed up top.  The main complaint is that the wrap front may pull too tight and will be unflattering for some.  Double D damsels may have to pass on this one :-/ .... sorry gals!  However, this necklace that I'm wearing is one size fits all!!  


This necklace was designed by Kendra Scott and is the Elisa Birthstone (Emerald).

You can buy it HERE.



To finish it off, I am wearing Steve Madden's Circuit Heel in tan nubuck.


You can buy them HERE.  



Overall, my visit to the "jungle" (I mean honestly does this look like Los Angeles??) was absolutely magical and I got to really reflect on the things that truly bring me joy....



...like being out with nature....





... making new animal friends.  The turtle families that came to chat with me were super friendly.... 



...I may or may not have sung some sweet Backstreet Boys to them... 



... and, OBVIOUSLY, monkeying around with my BFF/Soulmate again for the first time in what seems like ages.  Connie took these photos :)


Thanks for rejoining us and don't forget to subscribe to our emails so you don't miss out!



Soma & Ulte




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