Three Tips For A Clean And Dramatic Bedroom

July 28, 2017


We're so so excited to be back with new posts and a new website!! We hope y'all are loving the new site and would love to get your feedback! June and I love what we do for Soma & Ulte so much that it was killin us not to have new content to work on. So for our first home posts back we decided to do a bedroom refresh!


Emerald green has always been one of my favorite colors. It reminds me of my mama since it was one of her favorite colors too. So I was more than happy to incorporate this color into my room. But a lot of people can get overwhelmed when they try to decorate with such a bold color; so we've broken it down to three easy steps!! 


One of the first things to look for when trying to add more or a new color to your bedroom is with throw pillows, they are the quickest, easiest and cheapest way. And there are just so many options out there that it makes it really easy to do this with either solid colors or with fun prints. We used this Evergreen Velvet Throw Pillow from World Market that is on sale from just $9.99 to $7.49!! Can't get much better than that! You can absolutely go crazy with throw pillows on the bed, it's a look I personally love but my boyfriend, not so much. I know I'm not alone in this one, in fact Erin wrote a very funny post on this very same thing HERE! Y'all have to give it a read!!



The second way to add more of your chosen color is with throw blankets. They're great because they add color without the commitment of either painting or investing in a big piece of furniture. And they're more versatile than you might imagine. Of course you can use on the bed as an extra layer but it also makes the perfect accent piece when either hanging on a ladder or hook or rolled up in a basket the way we have done. The basket on the bedside table it something else I really recommend by the way! It's the ideal place to put your throw pillow and blanket when you're getting ready for bed. We found this gorgeous Peacock Kantha Sari Throw also at World Market.  And y'all, these pictures don't even do justice to how pretty and vibrant these colors are! And it's so silky soft!



The last way is with subtle accent pieces. This can be anything! A vase, a picture frame, a flower pot, even books! This works because it adds more of your color without looking too matchy matchy.  I found this Bulbous Vase at West Elm and just couldn't resist that color! They have this vase in three different sizes all in varying shades of green and blue.



I always keep lotion on my bedside table to moisturize my hands and feet before I go to sleep so I picked up this Lemongrass & Basil Hand Cream while I was World Market. I swear, that place really is one stop shopping!!


 And there ya have it! Regardless of what color you choose to decorate with I guarantee these three tips will work for you! And we'd love to see how y'all use them! Just use #somaandulte when you post to Instagram so we can see!


Happy Decorating!

Soma & Ulte



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