Smells Like Teen Spirit OOTD: The Return of the 90s

July 31, 2017



If you asked me what's my favorite decade of all time, I'd say the 90s -hands down.  Although on the outside I remember being a gangly, snaggle-toothed awkward girl, deep down I was a rebel, badass chick, and the ultimate performer.  Every day I would pick a new favorite song to memorize so that I could sing it to myself in front of the mirror.  Ain't no shame in my game!  Back then there were no Youtube videos with written lyrics.  I had to do all of the hard work!  I'd start and stop my Walkman so I could write down the lyrics to whatever cassette I chose.  Took me damn near forever to write down each song, but it was so worth it!!!  To this day, I know most of the words to any popular song from that decade.  I'm a friggin' KARAOKE MASTER, people!!!  Ha!  Needless to say, music was (and continues to be) a huge and important influence on my attitude, style, and mood.  In a lot of ways, it was my therapy and escape from my very obedient, sheltered, and overall vanilla life in the burbs of Virginia.  


This year there has been a huge influx of 90s trends in the fashion world and Connie and I can't say that we're mad about it.  The chokers, mom jeans, and band shirts have returned with a vengeance and it only makes us smile.  For the first time, I'm personally not against the cyclical nature of fashion because it has reached the core of my nostalgic heart.  In fact, it has made me relive some of my happiest memories and, as an adult, it's brought back my child-like exuberance for life.  I've revisited my favorite bands/musicians... Nirvana, The Fugees, Beastie Boys, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Weezer (just to name a few) and I couldn't be giddier.  So in honor of the return of the 90s we bring you the #OOTD!






It's no coincidence that the color of the week is the same canary yellow as my old Sony Sports Walkman and that my band shirt of choice is Nirvana :).  I'm all about marrying the old and the new for this #OOTD and it's nice to see things I love become popular again.  However, let me be absolutely clear.  I'm not advocating for you to ever wear anything because it's "so in" or trendy.  It actually drives me completely bonkers when I see someone wearing a shirt from a musician I love and yet they've never heard any of their songs.  What's up with that??  You're a quick google search away from bliss.  It's not like you have to wait 22 hours for your dial-up computer to download a song from Napster.  (Love to my readers who know what I'm talking about lol).  When you're buying new stuff for your closet, remember to always go back to this important question:  "Is this me?"  Your clothes should speak to your personality and your taste.  Don't settle with fleeting trends.  





 What I love about this particular look is that it reminds me of the end of the 90s when I moved into high school.  This was when I joined my first step/hip hop dance team and could finally bring all of my inner gangsta style to life.  I remember wearing shorts with an over-sized tshirt TUCKED IN AND BLOUSED (key 90s element here, folks), a snapback, choker, and thick soled high tops for our shows.  It was also the first time I let my alter ego out and I unleashed my confidence!  Of course, it's no different today.  When I wore this outfit I felt myself stand a little taller and let the swag in :)  




So were you a 90s teen?  What are you most nostalgic about?  Comment below and share your favorite fashion trend or memory!







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Soma & Ute




PS.  Here's a playlist of forgotten 90s jams to get you in the mood!








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