#Real Talk: Our Favorite Fashion Trends of the 90s

August 2, 2017


When we first talked about this post being an homage to the early 90s it was like our brains went into turbo mode. The number of styles we remembered wearing came flooding back so quickly and we talked about them with such affection. I mean the level of excitement we felt when we rediscovered the Topsy Tail was right up there with Christmas morning! So with all this enthusiasm we bring you all our favorite looks of the 90s.


First up was one of favorite ways to add even more color to the already colorful fashions of the 90s was the "double scrunched" or "double folded" socks. And the more neon the colors the better as far as I was concerned. When I was asked what my favorite color is when I was in elementary school the answer verbatim was 'anything "hot" colored'. And my favorite accessory to wear with this layer sock look was...



My New Kids On The lock lunch box and matching thermos. 

And for the record I was totally a Joey kinda girl.




Next up is the oh so popular stirrup pants. Which if they actually looked and fit like this would not have been as memorable but they ALWAYS ended up sagging and looking more like this...



It's easy to see where MC Hammer got his look from.




Next up is the trifecta of my personal favorite looks of the 90s. Here you have the babydoll dress (that I'm pretty sure made up 70% of my wardrobe) in the sunflower pattern which has to be THE hottest print of the 90s. I was obsessed with anything sunflower including the Elizabeth Arden Sunflower Perfume. Did anyone else wear this perfume?? They still make it! I just might have to bring that one back! And moving on to what is quite possible the number one staple for any look of the 90s; Doc Martens! I swear I wore these with dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, you name it, my Doc Martens were my go to shoes.



 Moving on to the grunge look. There wasn't anything you couldn't put your flannel shirt over to immediately give you style. But you didn't have to wear it as a shirt; it worked just as well tied around the waist.



 Could these two look anymore 90s?? As a side note, if you haven't seen Before Sunrise you HAVE to!




Then 1995 hit and I didn't want to wear anything that wasn't Dion and Cher approved. And you better believe I wore the plaid skirts and v-neck sweaters with the knee high shocks and Mary Janes. Gah! I still love this movie wholeheartedly.



And don't think it was just Dion and Cher, Rachel Green knew how to rock this look!



If this wan't enough to give you a full on nostalgic trip down memory lane we will leave with our personal style icons of the 90s. For me (Connie) there was no one more perfect than Liv Tyler. An opinion I still stand by to this day, she can do no wrong in my book.





And while Connie got to wear any and all outfits cuz she went to public school, I (June) went to private school and was trying to dress like any character from The Craft.  They made the Catholic school uniform look totally hot!!!  I'll try to scrounge up some old photos but I can assure you everything I wore was 100% longer, baggier, and dowdier than these ladies.  




So who was your favorite 90s fashion icon?  

Leave a comment below...we'd love to hear your thoughts!!




Soma & Ulte





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